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Mix one part uncommonness with one part clandestine magic and you’ve made a Mission of Magic. Complete that mission, and you are an Enchantemissary. Easy peasy.

Enchantemissaries are people who mosey around spreading magic so quietly and unannounced that they are never caught in the act of doing so, kind of like fairies or wizards. Their missions can be as simple as leaving quarters in the slots of candy machines or as complex as organizing elaborate secret treasure hunts. All missions are equally important, and even if an Enchantemissary only goes on missions rarely, they are still exceptionally and uniquely valuable. Although Silkworm and I designed the concept of Enchantemissaries, we are no more superior nor beneficial than other Enchantemissaries. All we ask is that anyone who wonders about Enchantemissaries is directed to where you got the information from, so they can find out more, too.

Though it is unnecessary, if you'd like to properly register as an Enchantemissary and have yourself listed here, Silkworm and I have put together a registration form to fill out, free of charge. You may copy and paste it and fill it out using your legal first name or a pseudonym, depending on whichever you feel comfortable using. You can even fill it out as a team, as Silkworm and I did. Please email your completed form to, post it in a comment on this page, or copy and paste it into our Mailbox gadget on the right hand side of the blog where it will be dropped off into our inbox. If you choose to give us your email, we'll send you a message telling you you've been registered and we'll even send you a printable certificate.

The Form:
*Name (legal first name or pseudonym):
Email address:
*Have you completed a Mission of Magic?
*Your first planned or completed Mission of Magic:
Any ideas for the Enchantemissary program?
If you have a link to your blog or another website of your own, you may include that and it will be linked to your name on the list of Enchantemissaries: http://
Anything you'd like to add?

Anything with an asterisk (*) before it must be filled out, and the rest is optional. The form is very informal, so don't be afraid of it. In the future, we also plan to put together further means of participation for all Enchantemissaries, registered and non-registered alike, at the Enchantemissary Headquarters. Look forward to it all soon!

Carly & Silkworm

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