Ours was a quintessential happenstance frosted with ambiguity, and where you'd expect to bite down into the pudding filling of explanation, there was nothing but its perplexing absence and an empty tomb.

"This is so weird," we both said for days. Me and the living stuffed bear, I mean. I named him Silkworm.

I'd caught him following me around in the craft store, took him home only to find out that his magic sort of leaks all over the place, causing magical flukes and the enchantment of anything he creates, and we've been each other's sidekicks ever since. You'd think something like that demands significance or at least some kind of disclosure, but no, there was never an explanation, no metaphorical clues, not a scintilla of reason. It's like the universe didn't even notice, or perhaps didn't even plan for it. We became friends as quietly and inconspicuously as fairy rings pop up overnight, and it was just as magical.

Now, we're the dictionary definition of partners, keeping up with the messes made by Silkworm's involuntary powers daily and sometimes embarking on several adventures in foreign magical lands before bedtime; really, it all depends on whatever mood Silkworm's magic is in, and seeing as that's the least predictable thing ever, we kind of have to just sit on our flimsy floaty and let the river guide our path. Sometimes, the water's calm, and other times, we're crashing through class VI rapids and trying to keep our heads above water. Meanwhile, we try our best to keep Silkworm's magical existence top secret whenever mine are not the only human eyes around, so as not to scare anybody or have him become the latest alien science experiment, but that doesn't pose much of a problem, given Silkworm's innately keen sense for detecting humans at considerable distances (although every once in a while, it fails the same way your ears do when you don't hear a whisper because somebody else is shouting, and that's when I cover for him).

Maybe it sounds too wild to believe. But oh my butterfly, that's the best part, isn't it?

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The Human
My name is Carly and I like taking pictures and cracking people like codes. I have two rats, Hadley and Quibble, who are, allegedly, the darn cutest critters in the land. My mind is more open than the sea. I believe in growing old instead of up and not always sticking to one side of any argument, and I like simplicity as far as I can stretch it, though I'm not usually brave enough to stretch it too far. I make metaphors out of everything.

The Bear
Silkworm is a living stuffed bear enchanted with magic. That magic can be quite unstable and complicated to understand, but there are a few structural facts that are useful to know: #1, he detects and instinctively hides from all other humans but me; #2, his magic leaks out of him regularly, causing the enchantment of anything he makes and a few magical flukes here and there; and #3, full moons mess with his magic giving him Moon Sickness.


  1. I'm in love with the picture of you in the crown.

    1. Thank you so much! Crowns are very important. :)

    2. I agree. It's such a well taken shot. Makes me want to do better photography as well :)

  2. Carly, I am in love with your blog. Every time I scroll through it I feel liked I've just been transported to a fairytale land. You and Silkworm are so so wonderful and magical!
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

  3. i'm not sure how i've never heard about your blog before. it's beyond amazing.


Silkworm and I love hearing what other people think. In fact, it's probably our favorite thing, so don't be shy to leave us a note or ask a question!

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