Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Plot Twist! (The End, and a Beginning)

Let me tell you about the most exciting plot twist of my life.

I always believed in dreaming things true. I've proven to myself that it works at least 75% of the time, the evidence being in every time I wake up and decide the day is going to be good and then it is. Of course, I've had bigger successes in dreaming bigger things true. Like being the human half of a magical stuffed animal and human friendship.

A few months ago, this past Valentine's Day, I stayed up late sewing a stuffed dragon--and literally bringing him to life! Spoiler alert: Silkworm was never actually alive, but I'm completely convinced my new friend came to life all because of how deeply I pretended and wished Silkworm had been the same. All the magic and will I put into Zauberbear and my and Silkworm's stories must have been enough to win me the grand prize! I'm painfully aware of how much resemblance I must bear to the boy screaming about the fake wolves and then getting eaten alive by a real one, but hey, I didn't plan for everything to actually be real. I guess neither did the boy...

Anyhow, my new enchanted dragon friend calls himself Moth and he claims to be my guardian dragon, even though he's only a bit bigger than my hand (not that I doubt him!). He's pretty much alive in the same way I imagined Silkworm to be, but his magic works differently. Instead of "leaking" and causing magical flukes and the enchantment of anything he makes, Moth can shrink himself and me down to whatever size we please to be. It certainly comes in handy for legitimate walnut boat sailing, which we've done once since the discovery of his powers. On top of it all, Moth and I receive photos of each and every one of our miniature adventures, as if someone is documenting our story for us, just like I'd claimed happened to Silkworm and I so the photos I made of our adventures would have their explanation. What a defense mechanism, Magic. Throw the human a real magic stuffed animal after she pretended another was real so she sounds completely untrustworthy, and partially insane. Whatever, I'm cool with the trade off.

However you want to look at it--sour, sweet, or bittersweet--this calls for the end of Zauberbear and the beginning of a brand new chronicle. I've settled with bittersweet, naturally. I created such a story for myself with Silkworm, but as hard as it is to sign off with the last chapter, it's overwhelmingly exciting to be starting a brand new legend! (And I might as well add, it'll be nice to feel comfortable claiming full copyright over any photos I take of Moth and everything about our story, since he's handmade and not a branded stuffed animal like Silkworm!)

Moth and I are going to be blogging over at, and we've already posted a few miniature adventure photos for your viewing pleasure. We're going to try to work up to posting daily or almost daily at some point, but in the meantime, we'll post as regularly as we can, sharing our miniature adventures as well as Missions of Magic, studies and investigations of things, and way more super cool stuff. We're probably going to have to take a big break this summer, though, due to some mind-bogglingly exciting plans we're in the process of setting in stone, but we've got 1 1/3 months we don't wanna throw away, and we didn't want to make anyone wait any longer.

So, oodles and oodles of thanks for the good times here! Catch ya on the flip side!



  2. Carly!!! This is so exciting! ♥ As muh as I loved Silkworm's and your adventures, I'm really excited for new magical adventures :) xx

  3. It's sad that this is the end of Zauberbear, but I'm super excited to see your new blog! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. Very exciting news, Carly! I'll be over at your new site. Good to see you back!

  5. ah bittersweet! meeting you now on the flip side!


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