Monday, January 26, 2015

A Teeny Update and Some Reassurance We Still Exist

Silkworm and I have been doing lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of thinking, hence our quiet disappearance from the Internet. I don't know if we ever came to a solid conclusion with all our thoughts, but you've all been waiting patiently enough to deserve an explanation!

This place, Zauberbear, is not what we meant for it to be. I don't understand how we never got ourselves on the right track if it always looked so clear and well-defined in our heads, but nevertheless, we were always walking on the dirt road beside the track--which was nice, but recently we've come to realize how far it's beginning to stray from the right track!

So the thinking began and we searched for a way to get on the right track. Ideas flew around our heads like chattery morning birds throughout the days and nights. Sometimes I'd stay up hours later than I planned because I just could not close my eyes without settling my mind!

Then things started to make sense when we realized something quite startling. We were blogging for strangers instead of ourselves! We were writing posts in an SEO-friendly fashion, sharing our posts to gain followers, commenting on other posts as a formality. No wonder we couldn't write the kind of posts we wanted to write--we were following formats and tips that got in the way. And we were staying on the computer far too much to plan everything out. That wasn't our original plan!

We meant our blog to be an effortless place full of real life fairytales, artlessly documented just for the fun of it. We meant to share, of course, otherwise we'd just keep this all to ourselves--but we meant to inspire. We meant for our audience to appear; we never meant to reach out and grab anyone.

So we're gonna get back to that thought. For the moment being, we're still unsure of exactly how we're gonna create the atmosphere we want, but we're closer than we were when we started and we're experimenting every day. I think it's safe to say expect another update in a week or less. And expect big wonderful things to come of it!

Thank you guys oh so much for being so patient!


  1. Oh I missed you! I did get your letter (expect one back soon) but it's good to see you back here on the blog. I hope you find your way :) I enjoy reading yours and silworms' fairytale way too much, so I hope you don't stop!

  2. I had this whole thing last October, it's so weird how that feeling of blogging for other people sneaks up on you and you don't even realise you're doing it! I began feeling like I had to make posts worth reading instead of blogging what I wanted to. It's still something I'm getting used to, I still find myself struggling not to overthink it and blog what I want instead of what will make a good post. It can be hard not to get taken in by that stuff. I really love your blog, it's such a breath of fresh air and I can't wait to see where you take it!

  3. It's so wonderful that you realized what you want this blog to be like! Can't wait to see what you have in store for this wonderful place ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. i was wondering where you went! i was poking around to see if maybe my bloglovin feed wasn't updating your posts but realized that wasn't the case. it's good to have moments to regroup and go back to your original intent and roots. looking forward to more of your magic soon!

  5. The same thing happened to me, actually. I've been struggling since Sept/Oct time, but I've sort of found my place now too. Trying to add too much definition and restrictions and rules I have to follow makes expression pretty difficult. That kind of stuff comes naturally for a lot of people, and that's great for them! The rest of us just have to learn to be us :) I'm glad you figured it out and that you'll be finding your way back into your words. <3

  6. oh Carly, how relateable and true your words are! i had the same goals when i started blogging but lost that somewhere along the way. i am finally starting to get back to that now, so rest assured you're not alone.

    "We meant our blog to be an effortless place full of real life fairytales, artlessly documented just for the fun of it. We meant to share, of course, otherwise we'd just keep this all to ourselves--but we meant to inspire. We meant for our audience to appear; we never meant to reach out and grab anyone."

    that right there is just perfect. whenever doing anything creative it's sooo important to d it for yourself and for the fun of it. otherwise, it becomes draining. here's to ya, dear ones!

  7. I look forward to seeing new posts! xx

  8. Wonderful images for a new beginning :) I'll keep a close eye on what Silkworm and yourself are up to.

  9. Ah Carly! I'd been wondering where you two were! I'm glad to hear you're okay. I understand how you want things to be as you always imagined them and I hope they do become that way:) But I would also like you to know that to me personally, your blog has been such a wonderful fairy tale. I can't wait to see what other fantastic fairytale-y things are coming! Good luck you two!! <3
    xx Juli

  10. I have missed you both dearly Carly and Silkworm, I need more of your magic in my mind :) x

  11. I've been wondering where you guys went off to! x I missed seeing your magic light up my news feed! I completely understand what you are feeling about your blog not really being what you wanted it to be. I've changed the atmosphere and style of my blog countless times and I'm still not happy with it! I dream for the days when I can just log in, make an effortless yet meaningful post, and interact with readers without feeling like I need to promote myself or be formal.
    Good luck, and I can't wait to see what's in store for this blog xx

    Extraneous Melodies by Emily Bee

  12. Well I missed this post! So glad that you're okay, just spending some time in thoughtfulness. Can't wait to hear from you again, whether it looks similar to this blog or something completely different... you are magical and wonderful! Blessings, sweet one <3

  13. beautifully written and lovely photographs x


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