Sunday, December 7, 2014

Would You Rather: RaChil at The Cwafty Blog

This is RaChil. She's a crafter filled with quirk and a jack of all trades, always eager to learn a new skill. She organizes hosts around the world for a flat-Stanley-esque creature, Venture the traveling gnome, and goes on awesome art adventures. This is what we asked her:

Q: Would you rather be unable to look up at the sky or see everything in black and white?

A: To be honest this one is sort of easy for me. I like sunsets, clouds, stars and everything the sky has to offer really, but I would much rather see in color than black and white forever.So I personally would sacrifice my sky privilege for my seeing in color privilege.

I'm an artist so color plays a giant role in my life. I use color daily in my work and regular life. Purple in specific is very important to me and I like to surround myself with purple things. My life would be much sadder if I could not identify the color purple but only saw in black and white.

Color brightens my day, I like seeing strange or rare colors in my daily life for example in someone outfit I pass on a street or a plant I see while on a walk. I like to have discussions with other artistically minded people about what the exact color something is and what the appropriate name for that shade is, that's a great time to me.

On the other hand if I could look at the sky but everything was in black and white I wouldn't be enjoying the true splendor of the sky. A sunset isn't the same in black and white, neither is a good dark-purple clouded night. To get Shakespearean, T'would be better to never place mine eyes on such beauty if by seeing, I muddied the water.

I would wear an extra long visor my whole life never to see the sky if it meant I could retain the ability to see in color.

- RaChil


  1. What an interesting question, I actually do't know which answer too pick - so hard!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. What a wonderful would you rather! I would have to agree with RaChil. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Very interesting question. Her blog is lovely by the way!


  4. THIS ONE IS SO HARD! You but if you got to look at the sky would it still be in colour? Or would it be black and white too? Because a sky without its ten million shades of blue and black and orange and pink really isn't a sky at all!

    1. I meant for it to be interpreted that you'd be able to see the sky in color and everything else in black and white, but I didn't make that clear because I wasn't thinking when I wrote out the question! But I totally agree, I'd give up seeing the sky in black and white to see everything else in color. Though I suppose, if everything was in color and you weren't allowed to look up at the sky, that would be something to cry about for certain! </3

  5. oh my goodness, this is so hard for me. but her explanation is great. that makes so much sense, being an artist and all. and judging from the picture (where there are so many colors) this is easy to understand. lovely words.

    1. I know, I wasn't even considering how it would affect an artist; I love it when everyone comes up with interpretations I wasn't even expecting or implying. It's fun to see inside everyone's brains!


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