Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to Make Triangle Bunting

With the holidays much closer than right around the corner--they're pretty much walking straight up to you now--Silkworm and I figured we should share the way we go about making one of the easiest and sweetest decorations we know how to make: bunting. Of course, there's a lot of different ways to go about it, but you're here reading this tutorial so I suppose this is the one you're gonna learn. We make our bunting with re-positionable slide-y triangles, but if that's not your slice of pie, feel free to check out this way (<-- video tutorial) and this way!

Now then.
Onward to the mess-making.

Thick string
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine (or a needle and thread, if you're patient enough)

Step One: On a piece of paper, trace the triangle you'd like each triangle on your bunting to look like. Cut it out.

Step Two: Take your fabric and fold it in half so the wrong side is showing (the uglier side you don't want to show). Using your handmade triangle template, trace however many triangles you would like on your bunting. Line up the template so the "bottom" (opposite the point) of your triangle is touching the fold in your fabric.

Step Three: Cut each triangle out without cutting the fold, so that each triangle is really a diamond in disguise.

Step Four: Measure and cut a piece of thick string as long as you want your bunting to be. Make sure all of the triangles will fit by measuring the size of their "bottoms" and then adding the inches all up, and taking into consideration the size of the gaps you want between each triangle (i.e. 8 triangles with 4-inch bottoms and 1 inch between each triangle on the string: 8x4=32 inches, plus 7 inches=39 inches). You'll also want to measure a little bit extra string for the ends of your bunting; a foot or so on each side is good.

Step Five: Unfold one of your fabric triangles and fold it over your string so the right side of the fabric is showing (the pretty side without tracing marks).

Step Six: Sew alongside both open edges of the triangle, and sew along the side where the string is, creating a tunnel between the fold and the sewn line. By creating tunnels, the triangles will be re-positionable, so if you have a smaller length to display the bunting across, you can move the triangles closer together.

Step Seven: Do Step Five with the rest of your triangles.


- Sew felt letters onto your bunting to spell out a word or phrase, like "happy birthday."
- Make multiple lengths of bunting and display them in a tier-like fashion together.


  1. What a wonderful tutorial! Buntings are so cute. :)

  2. oh how lovely! that looks so rustic and cute. i would love to do something like this for christmas, and then spring with some of my scrap fabric or paper. what a great idea this is!
    and oh my gosh. can i just take a moment to praise you on your cracker jack illustrations?!!! they're just so homey and charming, dear.

    1. Yes, paper would work wonderfully, too! Silkworm and I even wanted to try to make crocheted bunting. Ahh, thank you so much, you're so sweet! ♥


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