Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to Make Candy Wrapper Bracelets

Making the "beads"
Flatten a candy wrapper. Fold it length wise, then unfold. Fold each half in half towards the center crease. Fold both halves again. Fold both halves into each other. Fold short edges in a few millimeters short of touching. Fold the wrapper in half at the middle, making a little bird/heart shape.

Making the bracelet
Make another wrapper. Insert the second wrapper into the slits of the first wrapper, making sure the side with the neater folds is facing the first wrapper. Pull the wrapper through. Insert the next wrapper into the previous wrapper the same way. Pull it through. Continue adding more wrappers until your bracelet has reached a desirable length.

Closing the bracelet
Make another wrapper "bead" and unfold the flaps folded into each other. Insert both "legs" through the slits of the first wrapper of your bracelet. Insert both "legs" through the slits of the last wrapper of your bracelet. Re-fold the flaps you unfolded and tuck them into the slits of the first wrapper of your bracelet.


  1. Ohhh! I've always want to know the secret of
    making candy wrapper bracelet! Thanks for
    sharing it c; Now I have a good 'excuse' buying
    candies haha Xx

  2. How cute, I remember lots of kids wearing these when I was in elementary school. I never knew how to make them though lol Now I do! :D


  3. What a cute little bracelet! I always wanted to know how to make these. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. This is so cool, I remember my grandma showed me something like this.

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy


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