Saturday, October 11, 2014

Paper Bat String Lights

Silkworm and I had spotted these cat eye string lights on Pinterest last month, and our Halloween spirits burst like fireworks. We chose to make bats instead, but you could do any kind of spooky critter, though I think flying critters work best. Ideally, we wanted to use red LED string lights and black paper, but we didn't have either or, and we're on a strict budget. I don't think they suffered at all, though! They now fly above my bed, where their eyes come alive in the dark and they swoop around in the breeze of the fan I always leave on at night.

Scroll past the photos for the tutorial!

String lights (we would have loved to use red)
Black or purple paper
Hole punch
White pencil (for tracing)
Template (Google "free bat clipart" and print!)

Step One: Trace as many bats as you want on your string lights. If you want to use each bulb on the string as an eye, make sure you count how many bulbs are on the string and then trace half as many bats so they can each have two eyes.

Step Two: Cut out your paper bats.

Step Three: Hole punch two eye holes on each bat.

Step Four: Cut one slit toward each eye hole, so the hole can be opened to fit around the bulbs.

Step Five: Hang your string lights and then add the bats by grouping two bulbs together and fitting them into the two eyes of each bat.


  1. This is such a cute tutorial! :)

  2. oh these are great! i just put up bats on our wall! perhaps next year we'll add lights!

    1. Ah, I've always wanted to have a little wall full of bat silhouettes swarming around, I bet it looks great!

  3. SO cute!
    Also I love your halloween header!

    Ruby xox


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