Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tagged: The Inspiration Blog Hop

So these two dandy daisies tagged Silkworm and I to participate in two different blog hop kind of things recently. RaChil from The Cwafty Blog tagged us for what was called the Tour Through Blogland, and then Mary from Uncustomary Art tagged us for what was called the Inspiration Blog Hop. As it so happens, both blog hops are essentially identical--I know, right? Something must have happened while everyone was playing Telephone! But nonetheless, we're squishing the two together, and to those I tagged at the end of this post, you are more than welcome to call this blog hop one or the other.

Alrighty, let's jump right in!

1) What are we working on?
Secrets! Too much stuff, really, but it's all top secret for the moment. However, I will say we're planning to grow the concept of "Enchantemissaries" into a community, if we can. Silkworm and I came up with the word Enchantemissary to describe ourselves and what we do when we go on our Missions of Magic, because they can't truly be classified as Random Acts of Kindness all the time. Enchantemissaries are more about filling the world with magic, and kindness is totally part of that, but we needed something else to call ourselves and anyone else who wanted to be a part of it. We plan to make kits to purchase at our new Etsy shop and set up a Tumblr blog for ideas for Missions of Magic that people will be more than welcome to submit their ideas to.

2) How does our work differ from others from its genre?
Silkworm and I are quite an interesting team: a human bean and a magical stuffed bear. I don't think most human beans own magical stuffed bears.

3) Why do we write/create what we do?
Our biggest goal is to teach people how to enjoy life. It makes us so sad to hear people saying they're bored and unhappy. We live on a planet that is supposedly the only one in the universe capable of sustaining life, with 6 billion other humans each completely different from one another, and an infinite amount of adventures to have in a finite amount of time. There's simply no time to be bored.

4) How does our writing/creating process work?
It has to start with inspiration. We try not to force ourselves to work without inspiration unless absolutely necessary, because it always bums us out and makes us feel bad about ourselves, as if we're not creative enough to come up with something interesting when really we're just not in the mood! Lucky for us, though, inspiration comes from the most commonplace things. Whenever we look closely--deeply--at something, inspiration never fails to spark. And then we work off of that!

To keep the blog hop going, we're tagging two bloggers: Erin at The Halfway Point and Michelle at Busy Weekends. Check 'em out and stay tuned at their blogs to see their responses to the blog hop!


  1. I love your love for life, enjoyment, imagination and creativity!

    1. Thank you! I'm so grateful to have that love.

  2. I just discovered your blog, love it! The pictures are great, and indeed, there are not so many of us who know a magical stuffed bear :-)

  3. I think I just found a new blog to add to my favorites. You're such an optimistic lady and it's really inspiring. Also, I wish my stuffed bear was as magical as yours :)


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