Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Day 139

I wish we'd paid attention to Plucky's development lately, because when we took pictures for today's update, we noticed those thorns on his stems! I would have loved to know when they came in. They're very sharp and strong and could definitely do damage to something trying to nibble at him, if Plucky lived in the wild!

Anyhow, our little guy is doing very well and we poke him often just for fun to see his leaves close up. It will be so cool when his leaves start growing closer to each other so one touch will create a domino effect!

We're thinking we should transplant him into a bigger pot, soon. He needs more space to flourish!


  1. Such a sweet little plant. :)

  2. GUYS, PLUCKY IS SO SHRIVELED, we just realized and we gave him a drink of water and we have our fingers crossed by oh my butterfly, he looks so sickly! :( I hope he'll be okay!


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