Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Plant, Don't Trim Your Branches

You think your roots would grow thicker and stronger if you were planted in the ground, or at least a bigger pot. You think you'd look better if your scraggly branches were chopped off and you looked more shapely. You wish you were as tall as the pine trees.

But pine trees are a different species--and pine trees wish they were shorter so they could see the ground better, or that they had a house to hide inside during blizzards and hurricanes.

"But pine trees are so nice and hospitable and they let squirrels live inside them! I wish I could tell the other plants animals lived inside me."

Cats sleep in your soil under your leaves. You don't even bother to ask their names because they're not squirrels because you're too caught up in the lives and happenings belonging to pine trees.

You are not boring. Every human bean on this planet is no lesser and no better than another. Each of us have stories of equal measure, you just have to measure them with the appropriate tools.

And you just have to fall in love with what you've got.


  1. Such a sweet post. :)


  2. Oh goodness I love this far too much.

  3. Brilliant. Such a sweet message, and illustrated so beautifully. (And I could totally see this concept as a children's book! A pop-up one! I loved those, haha.)

  4. i love this beautiful post!


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