Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hollowed Acorn Message Necklace

Top secret tidings could use a disguise. I suppose there are many ways you could go about it, but nutshells seem reliable and rather unobtrusive. Silkworm and I have already hidden keys in walnut shells, but for tiny messages, acorns seem much more appropriate.

Acorn (with top)
Precision scissors (the very very sharp kind!)
Leather gloves or other thick gloves (for protection)
Embroidery needle
Thin string (embroidery works best)

Step One: Carefully remove the top off of your acorn and set it aside. Be gentle so as not to damage it because we will be using it later!

IMPORTANT! For the following step, please use adult supervision!

Step Two: Put on your gloves, then take your acorn nut in one hand and your scissors in the other. With every ounce of caution you can muster, use your scissors to poke a hole in the top of your acorn and cut out the nut from the shell (and whatever else is inside--we found fluff in one!). The shell itself may be a bit soft depending on how freshly fallen it is, but it will dry out faster once the nut is removed. You may also want to cut the hole a bit bigger with your scissors, but be careful not to use too much pressure in the wrong spot or the nut will crack.

Step Three: Sand the top of your hollowed acorn down, intermittently making sure the acorn's top still fits.

Step Four: Cut a few inches longer than a necklace's length of string. Fold the string in half, take the loop at the end, and tie a knot bigger than the holes your needle makes in your acorn. Then thread the two strands of string onto your needle and poke a hole through the pointed bottom of your acorn inwards. If it is too thick to get it through the center, poke the hole just barely to the side where shell is thin enough.

Step Five: Now put your shell aside and take just your embroidery needle (no thread) and your acorn top. Use the needle to poke two holes through the top of your acorn, directly across from each other. The top tends to be a lot thicker and harder to work with than the shell, but just go slow and be gentle. Twist your embroidery needle to kind of drill the hole, if it helps. (Or use an actual drill. We didn't try that, so we don't know if it could make the acorn crack, but if you have a spare to test, there's nothing stopping you from experimenting!)

Step Six: Use your embroidery needle to thread one of each of the two strands coming out of your acorn shell through one of each of the two holes in your acorn top.

Step Seven: Finish the necklace by tying the two ends of the strings together, or making Chinese slipknots for an adjustable necklace.

You're done! The top should stay on nicely, weighed down by itself and held together with those two strings. To put something inside, you just have to slide the top up the necklace to temporarily remove it from the shell.

If it's not confidential, let us know what you use your necklace for!

Other ideas for use:
- To hold very tiny found treasures
- To hold glitter or confetti


  1. Good Morning Carly!
    What a creative project! I may have to make one for Venture, I think it would be right up his ally. Plus I've been thinking he could use some accessories.
    I also love your new icons! :D Cute!

    1. Thank you so much, RaChil! Aww, it would be a sweet gift to send Venture home with! Perhaps I'll make another and he can take one back--or even--OH WAIT I just had a lightbulb, I'm gonna send you an email.

  2. Aww, its really cute. Great idea! :)

  3. My want for this is very real! haha so cute :)

    1. Thank you! There is a really lovely shop on Etsy that sells gorgeous ones called Miss Teapot (missteapotdressup). She has all sorts of adorable nature-y fariy-like things for sale!

  4. WOW! We don't have acorns where I live. :(

    1. Tragedy! Acorns are one of my favorite parts of autumn. I bet you could hollow out a different kind of nut, though--maybe a hazelnut, if they're not too hard?

  5. I really, really want to make one of these now! But unfortunately it's spring here, and so there are not many acorns around. What I really want to know though, is does the acorn last? :)
    the earth through a lens

    1. You know what, *I* wanna know if the acorn will last, too; that's a good question! I'll have to see what happens in the next few months/years--and I'll definitely let you guys know!

  6. so cute! I want to make one to all my friends! love your blog sooo much, I've never seen one like yours before!!

    1. Thank you so much, you don't know how much that means to Silkworm and me. :)


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