Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Glitter Galore Envelope

Silkworm and I are both usually turned off by flashiness and glitter, but when it's used in a kitschy sort of way, exceptions may be made. When we were at the craft store the other day, we saw these glitter envelopes for sale and thought, "Absolutely", because even if we're not so into sparkles and glitz, we know getting a glitter-coated envelope in the mail would be inherently grin-worthy.

An envelope
Mod podge (optional)
Plastic surface to work on

Step One: Lay your envelope down on a plastic surface. You shouldn't use newspaper or anything that can rip because just in case the envelope gets glued to the surface at all, you want to be able to peel it off.

Step Two: Paint the flat side of an envelope with glue. Make sure to spread it out evenly.

Step Three: Sprinkle on glitter evenly. Shake off the excess. It's okay if there are a few bare spots; you'll fill those in later. Wait for it to dry before moving onto the next step.

Step Four: Once the envelope has dried, fill in any bare spots by painting on glue and sprinkling a bit of glitter on. Shake off the excess, and wait for the envelope to dry again.

Step Five: When all the glue has dried, paint over all of the glitter with either glue or mod podge to keep the glitter on permanently. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before using the envelope.

Can you say shiny? Not as loud as this envelope can.


  1. These envelopes are so cool! It would be really nice to get one in the mail. :)


    1. Thank you! I think this set is going out in a Halloween package to one of my friends, but I am definitely gonna make more.

  2. Your blog is the cutest! You have one new & loyal follower now, I just effing adore it!


    1. Ahhh, thank you thank you thank you! You're so sweet!

  3. Everyone should make one and send it to Mary. That's what I think, anyway. ;) ONE OF EACH COLOR OF THE RAINBOW.

    I agree about glitter, but I think this is a perfect use for it!

  4. Ooh I was just about to send a letter to a friend of mine in Australia. AND SHE LOVES GLITTER!!! Definitely doing this.

    1. Ah, glad we had such good timing! Hope your friend *loves* her letter!

  5. Man, I haven't used glitter since I was a kid. I should try out some glitter designs just for old time's sake. So many memories. So many futile attempts to clean up afterwards.

    1. Unacceptable! Haha no, but really, I rarely use it either! It's nice to have people telling you you've got a speck of glitter under your eye, though. ^-^


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