Monday, August 18, 2014

Every Magical Creature We Saw

The Ordinary Realm has oddly become somewhat of a summer vacation destination for magical creatures of the Magic Realm, this year. Thus, we've been collecting sightings of all kinds of them lately--minus dragons; they wouldn't be silly enough to summer in the Ordinary Realm (though you will notice a dragon in this set of photos, probably in our realm on a quest of some sort like they usually are).

Silkworm and I recently got back from a short camping trip chock full of living magic. We thought you might enjoy seeing most of the magical creatures we saw, captured on 35mm film.

(I suppose, since we expect curiosity, we should mention something important about the photos. Magic cannot be photographed. It's some kind of natural involuntary defense mechanism that causes magic and magical creatures to morph when captured in photographs. They may become paintings or stuffed animals or smudges, but whatever they become, it's always explainable.)

1. Canis shadows on a secret path

2. A dragon in the sky

3. A party of fairies at Mars

4. A vulphlame at Mars

5. An unidentified winged ungulate

I am not kidding you, the amount of magical creatures currently floating through the Ordinary Realm is unprecedented and unreal.


  1. I cannot tell you how cool these photos are. Seriously, I want a big poster of the first one to hang in my room! Amazing. Even though magic can't be photographed, boy are these pictures still SO magical.


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