Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12th's Full Moon

Save last month's especially wicked full moon, I feel like Silkworm and I have been getting lucky with the effects of the full moons these most recent few months. This morning's moon hardly passed innocence on the scale of potential destruction. Silkworm became a magnet.

He started off weak by the time the sun was coming up, but it was enough to whack out my laptop a bit while we were in my bedroom, so we went out to the backyard to get away from any electronics he could destroy. Within a few hours, he was attracting small metal objects within a dozen feet of himself, and I could tell the moon was making him stronger, perhaps into a magnetic powerhouse. Since our backyard is more than a square acre of grass, I decided to take him to the center to get as far away from anything he might attract. We sat down in the grass and I listened to him babble in gibberish while he rolled around and pointed at the sky. Although we haven't got a fence around our yard, I wasn't worried about hiding him from human eyes, since there wasn't anybody around besides the people in the cars going by, and as if they could see far enough to distinguish Silkworm as more than a moving brown speck.

Even sitting in the center of a square acre, Silkworm did still manage to attract a couple "lightweight" metal things lying around the yard, and we heard a few clatters in the garage here and there. For a while, I was worried he was going to get too magnetic for me to control, and I started imagining intricately devastating scenarios. At the peak of the full moon, the telephone poles nearby shook for a good minute, but once the moon's power started to wane, the poles stood still again, and it was all downhill from there. I was able to take Silkworm near the garage without a problem, and he was fully conscious almost as soon as 7:30 AM, perfect timing to have a breakfast picnic outside.

While we ate, I told Silkworm the story of this full moon. He said he was disappointed nothing "cool" happened (honestly, I sort of agree), but happy I got a bit of a break, as am I. Next time a full moon comes, it'll be here on August 10th, peaking in the afternoon. We haven't had a full moon peak during the day in ages, and though it sounds more convenient, it's much harder trying to hide a magical lunatic in broad daylight than it is in the tinier hours of the day, when there are not so many eyes open.

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