Sunday, July 20, 2014

Every Bunny We Saw Today

Silkworm and I are starting a new project series on Zauberbear called "Every Thing We Saw Today", in which we will spend one day per project photographing a specific thing, such as flags or heart-shaped things. It's kind of like a scavenger hunt, and even more like making an abstract constellation out of a day.

A couple days ago, I was outside crocheting under the maple tree in our backyard when all of a sudden I looked up to see a bunny standing no more than four feet from me. It seemed completely nonchalant, or oblivious, to the fact that a human was sitting so close. But we stared right at each other, and then it hopped away in no rush at all.

That bunny wasn't the only bunny we've seen, lately. They've been frolicking everywhere, especially when we go out on our morning bike rides. So for our first Every Thing We Saw Today challenge, we went on a special bike ride an hour before sunset and spent it photographing every bun we saw on our new favorite bike route. The first few photographs are also extra buns from the flower field we went to check out after a lady selling flowers at the farmer's market invited us to come see it.

One bun...
Two buns, three buns...
Baby bun! (Three and half buns...kidding, four buns!)
Secret bun meeting in the flower fields to discuss human control! (Five, six, seven buns...)
Eight buns...
Deer count as buns, right?
Nine buns...
Ten buns...
Find the bun! (Eleven buns...)
Twelve buns...
Thirteen buns, fourteen buns...
Fifteen buns, sixteen buns...
Seventeen buns...
Eighteen buns...
Nineteen buns!

We're thinking of going back to this street for sunset bike rides every evening, now.


  1. I have been seeing bunnies too! Sorta crazy but have been seeing them just hopping around suburbia, on peoples front lawns and in driveways. It never use to see them but have been seeing them fairly often now.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. I love bunnies! Their all so cute. :)

  3. I adore bunnies. They look so cute. It's amazing that you have such great photos of them!

  4. The picture of the deer is magnificent, and your post title is adorable! Keep immersing yourself in nature, darling.

  5. Awww so cute! I do love bunnies! :)

  6. So many bunnies! How adorable. live in the city so I am very unlikely to see any creature of the wild when I'm out and about during the day. Except for maybe like... a cockroach, depending where I'm at.

    1. I'm starting to genuinely realize how flippin' lucky I am, to be an animal lover and live in the place I live in where I can see way more than enough animals a day to keep me satisfied! Contrary to popular belief, squirrels don't get any less cuter when you see a hundred a day. Nor do bunnies, nor deer, and certainly not groundhogs. :)


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