Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13th's Full Moon

I'd like to formally introduce you to Raaisel, our guardian dragon. As it turns out, our theory wasn't so far-fetched after all. Our lives are indeed insured under the watchful eye of an impressively competent and innately passionate fantastical sage-green reptile, the one that hatched from the egg Silkworm coughed up back on Valentine's Day. Naturally, as always, we can't tell you why because we haven't been informed of the reasons ourselves--but as if any of that even matters! We're the protectees of a guardian dragon! I think it's safe to say that's the coolest thing we'll ever be.

I suppose, since we'll probably be asked, I should mention the moon goblins that attracted Raaisel in the first place. We'd been outside on our trampoline, staking out the baby bunny nest we found in our yard the other day waiting for the mommy or daddy to visit. Before we knew it, the full moon had Silkworm chanting some kind of foreign language that brought a flock of nasty glowing specks to our backyard.

Moon goblins, or so we've since learned, are tiny bits of live radioactive material with short half-lives, decaying to death in about thirty seconds, give or take a few depending on each bit's size. They swirl around their victims and continuously peck at them, stinging with small electric shocks infused with a dose of venom. However, the issue is their afterlife species defense mechanism. Not only are they radioactive, but they're also part bacteria, which allows them--once they die--to spontaneously spawn new moon goblins, anywhere between 2-6 per dead goblin. Supposedly there are ways to defeat them once and for all, but we didn't know any recipes or rituals at the time, and it wouldn't be easy to research anyway. They're extremely rare, and curiously found strictly in the human realm as opposed to the magic realm, perhaps because the moon exists in the human realm and I guess the name "moon goblins" implies a connection to the moon, which would make sense given that they appeared to us on a full moon. That also means, though, that they can be seen by Believers and Non-Believers alike, so if anyone was awake at midnight last night and happened to be looking out at our backyard--well, thankfully at such a late hour, those people might be able to write those sights off as a dream. Anyway, after a while of fighting them off on our own, Raaisel swooped in to help out once he realized we couldn't handle them on our own. He burned them all out with colored fire from his throat that we assumed must have been enchanted with some kind of anit-moon-goblin spell. Then the full moon relinquished control of Silkworm's mind and we all sat down for midnight tea in the yard--me, Silkworm, the dragon, and the moon.

The dragon doesn't speak, so tea was quiet (and he didn't have any; he just sort of sat there to keep us company and maybe make sure the moon was definitely over), but there's surely some sort of telepathic feeling between the three of us. All of our questions were ignored, so most of the mystery seems it will remain as such no matter how much we plead and pry, but Silkworm's existence is still a mystery, too, so I suppose mysteries can't be so bad.

By dawn, Raaisel took off rather suddenly without saying goodbye and left us with eerie thoughts, wondering what kind of fatal circumstances we'll meet under next time. It's been a long night. It's a lovely morning, though, and I wish you all the same! Silkworm is currently sitting on my shoulder singing the harmony to "Happy Birthday" rather loudly in my ear. Did I mention it's also Friday the 13th? What a day.

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  1. Thank goodness for Raaisel! Moon goblins sound like such pesky creatures; I certainly hope I never run into them, pretty pretty shiny shiny though they may be. What a way to start the day!


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