Monday, June 30, 2014

Cloud Babysitting

Earlier this morning, we came home to a note on my pillow notifying us that we'd be looking after a cloud for a couple hours. We were instructed to wait outside for it to arrive. It floated down from the sky soon after, no further instructions or manuals attached. As well behaved as it was, it did keep floating away, so we had to tie a leash on to keep it down. We took it for a walk around the yard and showed it to the garden. It only had one temper tantrum, in the form of a tiny downpour (quite powerful for such a small cloud!) and itty bitty lightning bolts.

Within two hours, a thank you note appeared on the grass, and--taking the hint--we unleashed the cloud so it could float back to the sky.


  1. that is so cute! i hope one day i'll have to babysit a cloud as well :)

  2. Arn't you lucky! That must have been an amazing experience. I wonder what the cloud parents we're doing while you got to watch it? Also, I'm curious, did it have a name? Can humans even comprehend cloud language?

    1. It didn't speak any language we could understand, that's for sure, so we never got a name if it happened to have one. It was actually rather quiet, save the tiny tantrum.


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