Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: June '14

It was during the late afternoon hours--sorta kinda the early evening ones I guess--when we remembered for the seventh time this month that we hadn't fulfilled our monthly blanket fort quota. This would be the last time we remembered, though, as we took to the basement to grab the first clean sheet we could find, which splendidly happened to be a kingdom-esque drop-dead red one. We pitched our little tent in the corner of the bedroom in front of my closet, decked it with my wooden-bead-necklace-turned-temporary-garland, a strand of art yarn I made myself on a spindle, our pipe cleaner pom pom monkey garland, and a walnut boat photo, and finally perched Gilroy the crochet octopus and Tiptap (our new mouse puppet) atop as our guards.

It's a lovely fort, rather cozy indeed. We've been crocheting for a special project inside. I think it's safe to say the fort is staying up until it falls down or until I can't take not being able to access the innards of my closet any longer.


  1. what a charming blanket fort! i've never heard of a fort a month challenge, but it's an awesome idea

    Little Blue Backpack

    1. Thank you! I like to call it a vow, so it doesn't ever feel like a chore or anything :) You should try it sometime, maybe every week for a while if you don't necessarily want it to be a forever thing.

  2. Aw, I love when you add garlands to your forts. Stay whimsical, my darling.

  3. Too cute! It's been way too long since I've made a fort, I think it might be well overdue!


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