Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reckless Determination

Ever since the return of the full moon dragon a few days ago, Silkworm has been trying to prove our theory right once and for all by getting himself into various sorts of pickles and peril. These past couple days, I've been leaving Silkworm home while I go to work, and I've come home to a semi-disaster both evenings. Below is a shot of yesterday's plot, when he mixed together a rare and complicated potion that turns into a puff ball upon being finished, which, within 100 seconds, will kill whoever consumes it. Luckily, I caught him when he was uttering the number "84", and I got him to cough it up.

He's even tried things while I was home and simply had my eyes off him for more than three seconds. So far, he hasn't managed to attract the dragon, though all of his plans did seem to have a high potential for fatality. However, I'm holding onto a little inkling that our theory could still be right, because the dragon didn't show up when Silkworm had Murky Blech until the very last couple minutes, similar to the time frame during which Reptilian Rescuers in the land of Zamonia (which we read about in the novel, The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear) swoop down whenever there's any deathly situations. They always wait until the very last second so their rescues seem more grand and incredible; perhaps that's what our dragon is up to. None of Silkworm's disasters have grown too big to control, as I always seem to arrive just in time to put out the fire, so to speak (pun intended, as I did put out a fire on Sunday). I had a little talk with him to try to discourage his reckless behavior, but I doubt I got through his persistently occupied head. Thus, I'll be taking him to work with me today, where hopefully he won't have the means to make a mess of anything. I don't think I'll be able to keep an eye on him, but I don't think that'll matter since there'll be so many non-believers around that he won't be able to act like the living stuffed bear he is.

While I don't hope we find ourselves in a near-death situation anytime soon, I can't help hoping we get to see the dragon again soon. Fingers crossed!

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