Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rattie Piñata

There was no reason behind the party other than the urge to celebrate Hadley and Quibble's existence, on top of having always wanted to see how they would react to a piñata full of goodies. We dumped a pre-breakfast snack into the colorful tube and hung it on the wall, and instantaneously, they pounced on it, shredding and pulling and quickly ripping a hole in the bottom from which tiny pieces of cashews poured out. I suppose you could say they went nuts!

For any other rattie owners out there, or other small animal owners, Silkworm and I wanted to share how we made our piñata.

Only give piñatas to small animals that know the difference between food and tissue paper, and ALWAYS SUPERVISE your animals with such toys! Also, if your animals have food aggression, DO NOT let them play with the same toy at the same time! Make them separate piñatas and/or give them turns.

Toilet paper tube (or paper towel tube)
Tissue paper
Single-hole puncher
Elastic-y string

Step One: Glue a square of tissue paper on the edges of the bottom of the cardboard tube. Cut or rip off the excess tissue paper.

Step Two: Pour treats and goodies into your piñata.

Step Three: Cut out a rectangle of tissue paper long enough to wrap around your toilet paper tube and about two inches wide. Paint a line of glue on one end of the rectangle only halfway down the edge, and glue it to the tube. Wrap the rest of the rectangle around, and glue the other edge down in the same fashion.

Step Four: Cut 1-inch-long fringes in the tissue paper.

Step Five: Add another layer of fringes the same way you made the first layer. Keep adding layers of fringes like so until you get to the last fringe, which will be made out of a narrower rectangle of tissue paper (about 1 1/4-inch or less).

Step Six: At the opening of your piñata, hole punch two holes on opposite sides. Thread elastic-y string through one hole into the next, and tie a knot with both ends.

Step Seven: Glue a square of tissue paper on the edges of the top of the cardboard tube, like you did with the bottom in Step One. Cut or rip off excess tissue paper.

Hang your piñata up for whatever critter you made it for and let them sniff out the goods, thus subsequently biting and clawing at the tissue paper 'til the floor is happily garnished with colorful shreds.

Quibble and Hadley's piñata hardly lasted a couple minutes.


  1. I love the idea of a mini pinata!

  2. Oh my goodness, SO FUN. My brother used to have pet rats, and I love them. This is such a cute idea too!

  3. Oh this is absolutely adorable! They are so sweet!! I don't suppose my bird would use one? :P

    1. A bird! That's a grand idea! I guess they spit out things that aren't food, right? Like when they rip up newspaper? So it should be safe. ^-^


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