Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Things to Do Once a Day

Silkworm and I have taken it upon ourselves to write a list of daily recommendations suitable for every human on Earth, as well as magical stuffed animals. Make these your habits, and you'll be waking up excited to get on with the day in no time.

1. Peek at the sky.
It doesn't matter when or where or what color it is when you do. Murky grey can be just as satisfying as glowing orange or star-speckled black. While you're looking upward, let your mind wander. Sometimes you'll think of yourself or the people you know, and sometimes you'll think of everybody in the world, or even the world itself, or problems, or happy things, or the universe, or the unknown. Looking at the sky does that to people.

2. Let something hypnotize you.
Get lost in a happening motion. Focus your eyes on something specific, like a fan or a cloud, and lock your gaze for a minute or two. Zone out.

3. Say "thank you" (preferably out loud).
It doesn't have to be said to another person. You could say it to a tree, for giving you oxygen. Really, you could say it to anything; there's always reasons to be thankful for virtually everything, even the things that at first glance appear poisonous to your well-being. You just have to have an optimistic bias, and then you'll realize even though wasps buzz around with their stingers prepped for unprovoked battle, they're controlling the populations of caterpillars and flies. If you're struggling to think of something, I find there's always a reason to thank nature: rain, birds, flowers, the astonishingly synchronized harmony of it all. Focus on this thing you picked and let it engulf you in hope and joy.* Being thankful has been proven to be a very important and beneficial factor of happiness, so you'd be wise to do it once a day!

*This doesn't mean you're not allowed to be upset; it simply means when you are upset, remember that whatever is bothering you isn't the only thing the world or your life is made of.

4. Play a game.
As impossible as it may sound to play a game every single day, you'd be surprised how easy it is. A "game" doesn't have to classify as a board game or something along the lines of hide-and-seek. You could simply play Premonition Bingo while on errands. There's always room for fun, and if you're not having it once a day, you're missing out!

5. Take such a deep breath that you're reminded of your privilege to do so.
Steal as much air as you can fit in your lungs and hold onto it for a moment before spilling it back where it came from.

6. Go outside.
Eat a meal out there sitting in the grass. Stay out as long as you possibly can. Soak up the sun and make some vitamin D. Listen to the birds; maybe you'll hear a call you've never heard before. Even if it's raining, get outside and don't go back inside until you're drenched.

7. Quote yourself.
Pick something you said today and write it down somewhere. It's the easiest journal to keep, and it holds more memory than you'd think. When you look back at them, the vague quotes will spark memories in your head about particular days.

8. Continue a perpetual scavenger hunt.
Each day, pick something to search for. It could be an object (a balloon), a phrase of words said ("thank you"), a piece of clothing being worn (a sequin shirt)--anything! If you make it simple enough, you'll win the hunt several times every day.

9. Have an adventure.
And let me be quick to clarify, an adventure is not always or necessarily some extravagant journey. Adventuring is being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone, even if you only stick your pinkie toe out for the hokey pokey. Having one adventure a day keeps the icky feelings away--you know, the ones that keep trying to tell you you're boring. Nobody who steps out of their comfort zone once a day is boring.

10. Surprise a stranger with kindness or creativity.
"Everyday?" Sure, why not? They don't get enough of either. If you're thinking it's too much work, you're over-thinking it. Bring sticky notes with you wherever you go so you can leave inspirational quotes on people's cars. Leave a quarter in a candy machine. Send someone a nice anonymous message on Tumblr. Leave message stones around in the store or at the park. I think it's the unconventionality that throws people off. We're not trained to prioritize bringing smiles to other people's faces, but it's easier to make someone's life magical than most people immediately believe, and gosh, is it rewarding to be the reason for someone's happiness!

If you don't think you've got enough time on your hands to fit all ten things into your daily schedule,  you're wrong. You could potentially squeeze everything into a ten-minute time span, if it means a lot to you and you try hard enough. Go on, I dare you. Savor life for ten minutes a day.


  1. What a beautiful list! You're a *beautiful* human bean. <3

  2. This is such a brilliant list--a perfect recipe for a happy day, and a happy life!

  3. Oh these are such wonderful ideas! Too often we forget to enjoy the moment...
    I just discovered your blog, it's the middle of the night, I'm craving pizza and I'm fascinated by your blog. You are so inspirational! I adore everything you write! ♥

    All my love xx

    1. Gosh, thank you so much! This was such a sweet comment to wake up to, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    2. My pleasure :) (Your reaction is totally worth it. TOTALLY! ♥ The web can be such a nice place :) )


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