Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 14th's Full Moon

With the full moon's peak planned for 3:16 in the afternoon, Silkworm and I pretty much woke up, watched the sunrise to calm down and prepare for the day ahead, ate breakfast, packed my lunch for work, and his consciousness was kidnapped just as I was leaving. I had no choice but to take him with me.

Unfortunately, when Silkworm is under mind control of the full moon, his hiding instinct seems to be turned off, so I had little hope in being able to keep him hidden while doing my job. The only thing I could think to do was lock him in my work locker and check up on him every now and then. I know the both of us once said we were too afraid to lock him up during full moons, but with no other brighter ideas to try out, I went ahead and did just that.

The whole morning was one big worry-fest, but when I first checked up on him at my lunch break, he was still there, babbling nonsense and rolling around, and it didn't look as if he'd developed any superpowers or anything of the sort. I wasn't going to let our seemingly good luck tear my guard down, though.

The next time I checked up on him was right before the peak, and still it appeared as if this full moon had nothing extraordinary planned--but then, come 3:16, Silkworm froze and let out the most bizarre sound I'd ever heard. It was somewhat of a growl and a siren mixed together in perfect cacophony. Almost instantaneously after the sound had faded, he gained his own consciousness back with a shake and a shiver. It was curiously early for the moon to be dropping its grip on his mind. Silkworm said he felt funny, and oddly perturbed. He stayed in my locker for the rest of the work day and nothing strange happened.

(We couldn't photograph the moon last night because it was too cloudy to see it, so this is an old photo from July 2013)

When we got home, I finally got to tell him what happened over dinner. We talked about how nervous we both get when there's no distinct finale to let you know the show's over, but at the same time, we agreed it was best not to waste our time worrying about it, so we snuggled up to get lost in a book instead.

One uneventful full moon was enough, but two rather boring ones in a row is certainly unnerving. Next time a full moon comes, it'll be here on my birthday at 12:12 AM, on Friday the 13th. Every time we look at the calendar, we're intimidated. I hope this full moon has nothing sinister to do with the next.

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