Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dressed Up Dream Catcher

Silkworm and I seem to be magnets for bad dreams, lately. We're not sure if it's a magical fluke or what, but whatever it is, we decided it's time to at least try to do something about it. Sleep is supposed to give your mind and body a rest, not provide optimal nightmare cultivation conditions.

Fresh flexible vines
Twine or some kind of thin string
Thin wire
Wire cutters
Feathers, beads, ribbons, yarn, etc.

Step One: Wrap the vines into a circle of whatever size you'd like. Two or more vines twisted together will work best. Wrap the ends tightly together with wire to finish your dream catcher base.

Step Two: Weave your twine the way the pattern shown in the photo below demonstrates, so as to make the netting of your dream catcher that's meant to capture bad dreams like a spider's web catches foolish dinner. If you've got beads you'd like to string onto the netting, you should do that as you weave the pattern (unless you'd rather string them onto a separate thread and simply weave the second thread on later). You can use an embroidery needle if you're having trouble getting the beads on the twine.

Step Three: Tie a piece of string onto the circle in two places to use to hang the dream catcher.

Step Four: Add decorations galore. Cut up old fabric and tuck it in the holes, tie strips of ribbon onto the circle, wrap the circle with yarn--anything you can think of! (We wrapped ours with art yarn from Madre's spinning adventures.)

And there you have it! We've never had a dream catcher before, so we can't speak for the truth in their fabled powers just yet. We'll have to see how it works tonight.

I should note that I did let Silkworm help me out a little bit in the making of our dream catcher, kind of on accident and kind of on purpose at the same time. I've been feeling bad that he hasn't got to make things with his paws for a while, so when he reached to add a feather onto one of the strings, I didn't stop him, and then when he hesitated himself, I encouraged him with a nod. Perhaps it was a mistake, but sometimes you just gotta take a risk. Naturally, we're expecting it to show off how Silkworm's magic has enchanted it, but it hasn't done anything out of the ordinary yet--and I guess if something does happen, we'll never know if it was Silkworm's magic or the dream catcher working its own magic. Anyway, we hung it up over my bed and we've been keeping a close eye on it, fingers crossed for harmlessness. We'll let you know what happens!


  1. Your dream catcher is so cute! I made a mini one a while back using an old bracelet as the base. It actually features in one of my upcoming outfit posts. Great minds think alike I suppose! :D x

    1. Thank you! This is the second time we've made similar posts; that's so funny! It's as if we're each other on different continents. ^-^ I'm so excited to see your bracelet!

    2. Is it really!? What was the first one? I can't seem to remember. Maybe we are, you never know!

    3. I can't remember which one of my advice posts it was, but you wrote a similar poem once, right before I posted my writing! ^-^ I think it was one of your first comments on Zauberbear!

    4. Oh yeah! The one about the puzzle pieces. I remember now :)


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