Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catching Nightmares

After allowing Silkworm to help me make our dream catcher yesterday, we didn't notice anything enchanted about it until just before we fell asleep. We had tucked ourselves in bed all comfy cozy when all of a sudden, the dream catcher sort of...turned on.

It hummed a kind of white noise and glowed faintly blue. Silkworm and I stared, mystified. Seconds passed, and then suddenly, the blue light pulsed, along with a sharper buzz, like a bug zapper electrocuting an unfortunate moth. It was catching dreams.

Usually, Silkworm's powers don't enchant things in a predictable manner, so we were quite surprised to see our dream catcher doing the expected job of it's design. Perhaps it wasn't even his magic that enchanted it; perhaps all dream catchers really work. We stayed up for a couple hours to watch it. I counted sixteen pulses before I lost count, and Silkworm said he counted twenty five without losing count. A few were more exaggerated than others, and one even temporarily turned the blue light to green. We were intrigued to see how many nightmares were around to be caught and wondered what happens to them when there's not a net around. Do all of them get inside our heads and we just don't remember them? Do they ever get in our heads? Is there a filter in the dream catcher, and do we have to clean it out regularly to keep it working?

Though it was more of a show than a lesson on dreams, knowing we've got nightmare protection over our heads while we're sleeping from now on is certainly comforting. We did have our doubts about what the dream catcher would do while we were sleeping, but a good night's rest seemed to be enough to prove its innocence. We're still weary about it, since it's hard to be sure of anything that's been exposed to Silkworm's magic, but nonetheless, there's nothing we can do now, so we might as well enjoy it.

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