Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: May '14

This month's blanket fort was put together in our RV whilst we were camping, last weekend. It didn't last very long, and we didn't get to sleep in it, but we did realize it is terrifically easier to build a fort in there than it is in my bedroom. There's all kinds of cabinets to close blanket edges in and corners to tuck decorations in and around. The tight quarters everyone's not always so fond of in the camper made for quite a snappy project!

Inside, we read a few pages of Captain Bluebear and made a couple lists, and I wore my fancy new crown. It felt like the fortress of our kingdom. There's just a feeling that comes along with camping that never fails to scoop me up and toss me into the sky to float featherlight with the clouds.

Hopefully, we'll get to making an exceptionally marvelous fort in June, so we can fall asleep in said fort on my birthday. June 13th is going to be a full moon, but it'll be rolling up at 12:12 AM, so technically we'll probably be staying up all night on the 12th. Anyway, it would simply be nice to have an elaborately baroque and exquisitely garnished fort.

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