Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wire Crown

I'm not sure if I've stressed it enough to say "I'm sure you know of my obsession with crowns", but that would be the truth. I'm always getting slapped with happiness at the sight of any crown, no matter who's wearing it, what it's made of--it even works with Burger King crowns, I'm not joking. They just make me think of epic fairy tales and riding dragons. Thus, I make crowns for Silkworm and myself on a regular basis using all sorts of materials for the very purpose of feeding my perfectly healthy obsession. One of our virtually effortless favorites is a simple crown made of wire. So long as you've got a good several feet of wire, you're set to make one for yourself!

Malleable wire
Wire cutters (or scissors)

Step One: Make your crown base by cutting a piece of wire big enough to fit around your head and twisting the ends together to close the circle. Alternatively, you can cut a few pieces of wire and twist them all together to make a thicker base.

Step Two: Cut more wires to wrap onto your crown base and make shapes out of (triangles, arches, etc.).

Place your crown where it rightfully belongs, whether that be on the head of yourself or somebody else special and deserving. Look how suddenly the whimsical royalty scale skyrocketed off the charts!


Silkworm and I love hearing what other people think. In fact, it's probably our favorite thing, so don't be shy to leave us a note or ask a question!

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