Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 19

Tiny ferny leaves spotted! Tiny ferny leaves spotted!

Commence inevitable gardener's success dancing.

Assuming these new leaves are the ones that will one day curl up at the touch of a finger, Silkworm and I tried to poke at them to see if they'd do so already, but it appears 19 days old is not old enough. Nonetheless, we couldn't be prouder of this one plant that triumphed over all the others! I think it's safe to say, since the germination period is 15 days at most, that the rest of the seeds are dead and have no chance of being seen in green above the soil, so we're going to stop taking care of them and give our undivided attention solely to this one, now. In honor of the courage it's been displaying in an otherwise desolate planting flat, we've decided to name it "Plucky".

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