Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 12

"Eeee, a sprout!"

Mom could hear me squealing all the way downstairs. The celebration was impossible to stifle, as the sight of a single green dot in my and Silkworm's sensitive plant pots was dearly deserving. We'd gone to turn off the grow lights when the little lone sprout surprised us. 'Twas all alone, but we've been waiting for any sign of life for twelve days now, so we were happy with the germination of even only one brave seed.

We're guessing the others will follow the leader and pop up soon, but until then, we're going to shift extra focus and care onto the one we know is alive, just in case the others aren't ever going to show their stems. There still aren't any other sprouts as of this morning, but tomorrow morning is another chance!

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