Friday, April 4, 2014

Pom Pom Tutu

Unsurprisingly, we have Pinterest to thank yet again for being charmed by another adorable DIY project. We'd spotted a tulle skirt filled with pom poms, and we dreamed of how perfect it would match my pom pom tights. Though the link took us dutch tutorial on Moodkids, we were able to get a clue from the pictures provided and improvise the rest.

I did discover how obnoxious tulle is to work with (it's rather static-y and gets caught on a lot of things), but otherwise, for a person who doesn't know how to make clothes, I'm proud of how smoothly it went! I think anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine could make themselves their own pom pom tutu. Go ahead, give it a shot!

Pom poms
+/-3 yards of tulle fabric
Safety pin (optional)

Important Tip:
If your sewing machine allows it--and most do--use a zig-zag stitch to sew tulle. Silkworm and I first attempted to use a regular dotted line stitch, and it resulted in a clean cut rip in my skirt!

Step One: Cut a length of tulle about three times the size of the diameter of your waist. Three yards worked for me, and I wear size 7/9 pants. Fold it lengthwise once (or twice, for strength).

Step Two: Pin the length of tulle along the open side.

Step Three: Sew the open side shut and remove the pins, then sew another parallel line next to the first line, leaving about an inch in between both lines, or enough space to fit your elastic.

Step Four: Cut a length of elastic the size of the diameter of your waist. Thread it through the tunnel made by the two lines you just sewed in Step Three. The easiest way to thread it through is to poke a safety pin through one end of the elastic, insert it into the tunnel, then pinch the elastic about an inch away from the end, push the safety pin through the tunnel as far as you can until it gets stuck, then pinch the safety pin, let go of the elastic, and flatten out the fabric that will have bunched up. Pin the elastic at both ends of the tunnel to keep it from getting dragged in.

Step Five: Fill your skirt with an abundance of pom poms through one of the two openings on either side.

Step Six: Take both ends of your skirt and, beginning at the elastic, sew a line down to close the skirt.

Now do the hokey pokey and shake it all around and watch those pom poms bounce around! And please oh please, send us pictures of yours!


  1. Definitely going to do this!! And one day, I'm going to hang out with you and we're going to have a damn tea party.


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