Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Camping

Camping was so magical, we forgot Silkworm had magic powers because they didn't disturb us once. We didn't stay the night on both nights because we weren't as prepared to do so as we thought and it was rather chilly, but it was gorgeously sunny and warm during the day.

We visited Mars--the wide open cracked mud field that smells like clay that my brother and I dubbed "Mars" when we were very little--so many times we lost count, and we found so many places we want to explore next time when I have more energy (I had such a long work week this week that it made me a bit lazy!). It was just like what I dreamed being in a place I felt comfortable biking around in would be and I wish we lived there all year long so we could wake up and bike to the beach or Mars to have breakfast picnics.

All the sun flares on Mars are (unbelievably) real.

We saw a couple ospreys soaring around the nest across the bay.

One of the various textures of Mars.

We roasted apples over this fire once it died down and oh my gosh, they were heavenly.

The sunset on Mars.

We also used a disposable camera whilst we were there, but the photos aren't anything special. I'm not sure what happened, but I guess I must not have been holding the camera right with every shot because some are very oddly cropped and not at all what I intended to photograph. Nonetheless, we scanned those last night and we'll post them on Tumblr later.

Our next camping trip is scheduled for May at a different campground, but I'm sure we'll be back here this summer, too--and boy, do we have plans.

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  1. Oh wow, this place looks so eerily magical! It's good to here you had a good time, camping trips always seem to end too quickly though! x Erin


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