Sunday, April 27, 2014

Double Dose Confetti Earrings

Ever find yourself in a moment that's practically calling out loud to be doused in confetti, but you have to resort to tossing an imaginary handful in the air because you don't have any of the real stuff? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just reach for one of your ears and pop open a bottle of paper shapes to sprinkle in the air?

It is nice. It's magical, in fact. I know people have threaded bottles of emergency confetti onto necklaces before, but there's something extra silly about carrying your supply around on your ear lobes. Lemme show you how we made ours!

2 tiny cork bottles with eye hooks
2 fishhook earring wires
2 jump rings
Thin malleable wire
Glitter or confetti

Step One: Open your cork bottles and pour in glitter or confetti, then cork them up again.

Step Two: Use a jump ring to attach your cork bottles to your fishhook earring wires.

Step Three: We found this part hard to explain well, so you might do better if you have a look at the tutorial photo or the actual photo. One bottle at a time, thread your thin wire into the eyehook on the cork and twist it on. Bend the wire down the side of the cork and then wrap it around the lip of the bottle at least once or twice. Finally, bend the wire down the side of the bottle a bit. Fold it up again so you can make a little piece of wire to grip onto when you need to unwrap the wire to open the bottle. Cut off any excess wire.

Voila! Now you've got yourself two stashes of confetti you can hang from your ears every day and refill when necessary. The best part is sporting both earrings when one's full and the other is empty. You're bound to be asked what happened to the first stash, and then you get to tell a marvelous story.

- Add a little label on each earring that says something like "emergency confetti" or "break in case of celebration".
- Fill your earrings with glitter instead of confetti. (Silkworm and I chose paper confetti because it's biodegradable so we don't hurt the Earth.)

I also made a necklace for Silkworm because I didn't want him feeling left out, so now we'll always have three stashes all together whenever we decide to wear them.

Please please please show us what you design!


  1. Brilliant and necessary. I will be following suit.

    1. As I expected, and I assume you'll be filling your earrings with glitter. ^-^

  2. These are adorable! Reminded me of this confetti bracelet tutorial:

    1. Thank you--and oh my goodness, I love those! I once made something like that but with clear rubber tubes. Those look a lot more stylish than mine. ^-^


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