Thursday, April 17, 2014

Camping Badges

We've got a reservation at a campground this weekend, and ever since we made it in January, Silkworm and I haven't been able to calm down about it. Silkworm's never been camping before, and I haven't been for a couple years, so I'm thrilled to finally get to go myself and show him what it's like. We're also dedicating the trip to celebrating Silkworm's birthday and our anniversary of meeting each other, which was April 15th. We already wrote our to-do list earlier this month, and to keep us busy today, we've created a set of badges for proudly announcing our ordinary yet important camping victories.

It'll almost be like playing Premonition Bingo, but with every happening, we get to add a badge to my jacket rather than crossing something off on a Bingo board. They're simple successes, like building a fire or seeing a deer, but what's camping without little things like that?

If you want to make your own badges, whether for camping or for something completely different, our tutorial is just down below!

1 sturdy fabric (denim, etc.)
1 other solid color fabric (preferably a light neutral color)
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread
Sewing needle
Sewing thread

Step One: Cut a circle out of the sturdy fabric as big as you want your patch to be.

Step Two: Cut a slightly smaller circle out of the other fabric so that when placed on top of the sturdy fabric circle, there is a small border of sturdy fabric around the other fabric.

Step Three: Thread your embroidery needle and stitch the smaller circle onto the larger circle all the way around the edges. You could use any kind of stitch you want for this (we used traditional blanket stitches). Tie a knot toward the back of your badge and cut off any extra thread.

Step Four: Thread your sewing needle and embroider words and things onto your badge. Try not to pull the threads too tight or your badge will ripple up.

Alternatively, if you have an embroidery hoop, it's a lot easier to start by securing your solid color fabric onto the hoop, marking up the size of the circle you want to cut out for your badge, and then embroidering words and things inside the circle. Afterwards, you'd cut out the circle and finish the badge by sewing it onto your sturdy fabric and stitching around the edges.

- Use Velcro on your badges to make it easy to add and remove them from a certain piece of clothing.
- Sketch your embroidery on your badge in pencil before embroidering it.

I'm sure, by the time we fall asleep on day one, my jacket (and Silkworm's vest, if I get to making him one) will be covered in badges.


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    1. If you don't stop saying things like this to me, I am going to go past melting into a puddle of giddy mush, one day, and evaporate instead. <3


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