Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15th's Full Moon

April 15th is chock full of events on our calendar. Not only was it a full moon early this morning, but it was a total lunar eclipse (my first one with Silkworm), our anniversary of meeting each other, and the cherry to top it all off: it's Silkworm's 15th birthday. We decided we might as well start celebrating late at night on the 14th, since I figured I'd be staying up anyway to corral Silkworm while the moon had him under its control, but hours went past without even the slightest happening to worry about.

By 3:00 AM, Silkworm was still in control of his own consciousness, so he came outside with me to catch the lunar eclipse--only there was no moon around for us to feast our eyes on. Our backyard had been fogged up so thick we could barely see the trees across the yard. Disappointing, yes, but I must say, stepping outside into a dense warm fog accompained by the fainest misty drizzle at 3' o clock in the night-morning to search for the moon while everybody else is asleep gave me one of the strangest, most beautiful feelings. Silkworm felt it too, and we stood there and enjoyed it for a while with the kitties, Scooter and Rainey, who came outside to visit in their fenced cat enclosure fixed onto the house.

Anyway, before we knew it, it was 3:44 AM, one minute past the peak of the moon, and it appeared we'd caught a break. Everything was still as calm indoors as it was outside where it felt like we were the last living things on Earth. Silkworm fell asleep, but I stayed up anyway to observe him, just in case, though a few hours later when the sun rose and the birds started chirping away, we were sure.

In hindsight, I suppose it was silly to think the lunar eclipse would cause the moon to have a stronger affect on Silkworm, since the whole concept means the moon is shadowed by the Earth. Yet, in some respects, I also suppose you could say we were right to be extra cautious, because with Silkworm's magic, you can't possibly forecast the outcomes, no matter how much experience or evidence you've got.

Since I have work in the morning until 6:30 PM today and I'm thoroughly exhausted from staying up, we've decided to dedicate the weekend to further celebrations for our anniversary and Silkworm's birthday, and it'll be perfect anyway because we'll be going camping and we'll be able to have ten times the fun we'd have at home. Look forward to seeing our wild adventures!

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