Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: April '14

As much as we wanted to, Silkworm and I didn't get to build a fancy fort this month. It is, however, our favorite fort to date. Prior to this one, we hadn't used chairs in any of our forts, but we used one on either side of this fort to hold the blankets out to the side. Not only did they give the fort a cute shape, but it was nice to have the sheets off the sides of the bed so we could move the comforter around without fear of ripping the fort down, which was a problem with February's fort. Thus, we'll definitely be keeping chairs in mind for future designs.

A good night's sleep happened here last night, as well as some planning for our next camping trip in May this morning. We're thinking of playing cards when I get home from work later this evening, and of course we'll have to let the ratties out to play.

For May, we've got ideas for a blanket fort con mucho pillows, if we can gather enough (I've only got two in my room and I have no clue if we've got more spare ones hiding away somewhere).

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