Sunday, April 27, 2014

Double Dose Confetti Earrings

Ever find yourself in a moment that's practically calling out loud to be doused in confetti, but you have to resort to tossing an imaginary handful in the air because you don't have any of the real stuff? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just reach for one of your ears and pop open a bottle of paper shapes to sprinkle in the air?

It is nice. It's magical, in fact. I know people have threaded bottles of emergency confetti onto necklaces before, but there's something extra silly about carrying your supply around on your ear lobes. Lemme show you how we made ours!

2 tiny cork bottles with eye hooks
2 fishhook earring wires
2 jump rings
Thin malleable wire
Glitter or confetti

Step One: Open your cork bottles and pour in glitter or confetti, then cork them up again.

Step Two: Use a jump ring to attach your cork bottles to your fishhook earring wires.

Step Three: We found this part hard to explain well, so you might do better if you have a look at the tutorial photo or the actual photo. One bottle at a time, thread your thin wire into the eyehook on the cork and twist it on. Bend the wire down the side of the cork and then wrap it around the lip of the bottle at least once or twice. Finally, bend the wire down the side of the bottle a bit. Fold it up again so you can make a little piece of wire to grip onto when you need to unwrap the wire to open the bottle. Cut off any excess wire.

Voila! Now you've got yourself two stashes of confetti you can hang from your ears every day and refill when necessary. The best part is sporting both earrings when one's full and the other is empty. You're bound to be asked what happened to the first stash, and then you get to tell a marvelous story.

- Add a little label on each earring that says something like "emergency confetti" or "break in case of celebration".
- Fill your earrings with glitter instead of confetti. (Silkworm and I chose paper confetti because it's biodegradable so we don't hurt the Earth.)

I also made a necklace for Silkworm because I didn't want him feeling left out, so now we'll always have three stashes all together whenever we decide to wear them.

Please please please show us what you design!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Blanket Fort a Month: April '14

As much as we wanted to, Silkworm and I didn't get to build a fancy fort this month. It is, however, our favorite fort to date. Prior to this one, we hadn't used chairs in any of our forts, but we used one on either side of this fort to hold the blankets out to the side. Not only did they give the fort a cute shape, but it was nice to have the sheets off the sides of the bed so we could move the comforter around without fear of ripping the fort down, which was a problem with February's fort. Thus, we'll definitely be keeping chairs in mind for future designs.

A good night's sleep happened here last night, as well as some planning for our next camping trip in May this morning. We're thinking of playing cards when I get home from work later this evening, and of course we'll have to let the ratties out to play.

For May, we've got ideas for a blanket fort con mucho pillows, if we can gather enough (I've only got two in my room and I have no clue if we've got more spare ones hiding away somewhere).

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Camping

Camping was so magical, we forgot Silkworm had magic powers because they didn't disturb us once. We didn't stay the night on both nights because we weren't as prepared to do so as we thought and it was rather chilly, but it was gorgeously sunny and warm during the day.

We visited Mars--the wide open cracked mud field that smells like clay that my brother and I dubbed "Mars" when we were very little--so many times we lost count, and we found so many places we want to explore next time when I have more energy (I had such a long work week this week that it made me a bit lazy!). It was just like what I dreamed being in a place I felt comfortable biking around in would be and I wish we lived there all year long so we could wake up and bike to the beach or Mars to have breakfast picnics.

All the sun flares on Mars are (unbelievably) real.

We saw a couple ospreys soaring around the nest across the bay.

One of the various textures of Mars.

We roasted apples over this fire once it died down and oh my gosh, they were heavenly.

The sunset on Mars.

We also used a disposable camera whilst we were there, but the photos aren't anything special. I'm not sure what happened, but I guess I must not have been holding the camera right with every shot because some are very oddly cropped and not at all what I intended to photograph. Nonetheless, we scanned those last night and we'll post them on Tumblr later.

Our next camping trip is scheduled for May at a different campground, but I'm sure we'll be back here this summer, too--and boy, do we have plans.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 30

He's alive!

It looks like Plucky is gonna be just fine after the recent flood. Silkworm and I are delighted to see our little guy fighting for survival like the brave warrior his name says he is!

On a relevant note, Silkworm and I have been sprouting snap peas and string beans the past couple days and we planted the peas earlier today. We're gonna try our best to grow them indoors and see what happens, though the seed packets warn us it's not recommended. People grow peas and beans indoors all the time, though, so why shouldn't we give it a shot?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Camping Badges

We've got a reservation at a campground this weekend, and ever since we made it in January, Silkworm and I haven't been able to calm down about it. Silkworm's never been camping before, and I haven't been for a couple years, so I'm thrilled to finally get to go myself and show him what it's like. We're also dedicating the trip to celebrating Silkworm's birthday and our anniversary of meeting each other, which was April 15th. We already wrote our to-do list earlier this month, and to keep us busy today, we've created a set of badges for proudly announcing our ordinary yet important camping victories.

It'll almost be like playing Premonition Bingo, but with every happening, we get to add a badge to my jacket rather than crossing something off on a Bingo board. They're simple successes, like building a fire or seeing a deer, but what's camping without little things like that?

If you want to make your own badges, whether for camping or for something completely different, our tutorial is just down below!

1 sturdy fabric (denim, etc.)
1 other solid color fabric (preferably a light neutral color)
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread
Sewing needle
Sewing thread

Step One: Cut a circle out of the sturdy fabric as big as you want your patch to be.

Step Two: Cut a slightly smaller circle out of the other fabric so that when placed on top of the sturdy fabric circle, there is a small border of sturdy fabric around the other fabric.

Step Three: Thread your embroidery needle and stitch the smaller circle onto the larger circle all the way around the edges. You could use any kind of stitch you want for this (we used traditional blanket stitches). Tie a knot toward the back of your badge and cut off any extra thread.

Step Four: Thread your sewing needle and embroider words and things onto your badge. Try not to pull the threads too tight or your badge will ripple up.

Alternatively, if you have an embroidery hoop, it's a lot easier to start by securing your solid color fabric onto the hoop, marking up the size of the circle you want to cut out for your badge, and then embroidering words and things inside the circle. Afterwards, you'd cut out the circle and finish the badge by sewing it onto your sturdy fabric and stitching around the edges.

- Use Velcro on your badges to make it easy to add and remove them from a certain piece of clothing.
- Sketch your embroidery on your badge in pencil before embroidering it.

I'm sure, by the time we fall asleep on day one, my jacket (and Silkworm's vest, if I get to making him one) will be covered in badges.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 26

I think we've been over-watering Plucky. When we went to check up on him a couple days ago, we realized he'd dropped a set of leaves, and after two days of not looking so well and the soil taking too long to dry up, we decided to transplant him into fresh soil. He ended up losing his whole stem with all his ferny leaves in the process, but I think it was for the best, because it would have taken a lot of energy to repair it. Growing a new stem is probably best.

Now we're gonna water him only when the soil starts looking more dry than moist. Apparently it's not supposed to be soggy, and it's been pretty soggy, so--oops. But never fear; he's still vibrantly green, so it looks like he's survived the flood!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15th's Full Moon

April 15th is chock full of events on our calendar. Not only was it a full moon early this morning, but it was a total lunar eclipse (my first one with Silkworm), our anniversary of meeting each other, and the cherry to top it all off: it's Silkworm's 15th birthday. We decided we might as well start celebrating late at night on the 14th, since I figured I'd be staying up anyway to corral Silkworm while the moon had him under its control, but hours went past without even the slightest happening to worry about.

By 3:00 AM, Silkworm was still in control of his own consciousness, so he came outside with me to catch the lunar eclipse--only there was no moon around for us to feast our eyes on. Our backyard had been fogged up so thick we could barely see the trees across the yard. Disappointing, yes, but I must say, stepping outside into a dense warm fog accompained by the fainest misty drizzle at 3' o clock in the night-morning to search for the moon while everybody else is asleep gave me one of the strangest, most beautiful feelings. Silkworm felt it too, and we stood there and enjoyed it for a while with the kitties, Scooter and Rainey, who came outside to visit in their fenced cat enclosure fixed onto the house.

Anyway, before we knew it, it was 3:44 AM, one minute past the peak of the moon, and it appeared we'd caught a break. Everything was still as calm indoors as it was outside where it felt like we were the last living things on Earth. Silkworm fell asleep, but I stayed up anyway to observe him, just in case, though a few hours later when the sun rose and the birds started chirping away, we were sure.

In hindsight, I suppose it was silly to think the lunar eclipse would cause the moon to have a stronger affect on Silkworm, since the whole concept means the moon is shadowed by the Earth. Yet, in some respects, I also suppose you could say we were right to be extra cautious, because with Silkworm's magic, you can't possibly forecast the outcomes, no matter how much experience or evidence you've got.

Since I have work in the morning until 6:30 PM today and I'm thoroughly exhausted from staying up, we've decided to dedicate the weekend to further celebrations for our anniversary and Silkworm's birthday, and it'll be perfect anyway because we'll be going camping and we'll be able to have ten times the fun we'd have at home. Look forward to seeing our wild adventures!

Read about how full moons affect Silkworm here, and read more full moon stories here!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Zauberbear's Liebster Award Nomination

So there's an award project thingy going around, and until a couple days ago, Silkworm and I had only vaguely heard of it in the blogging community, but when RaChil of The Cwafty Blog nominated Zauberbear for a Liebster Award, we found out just how great the awards truly are!

The Liebster Awards are designed to get new blogs or blogs with tiny followings recognized by giving the nominees the opportunity to introduce themselves as well as nominate several more blogs for the awards. The nominee answers the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated them, tells 11 facts about themselves, nominates up to 11 other blogs and informs those blogs, and then provides 11 questions for the new nominees to answer. You can read more about the whole thing here!

With all that said, Silkworm and I proudly accept our nomination, and we'll get on with our nominee chores straight away.

11 Facts About Silkworm and I

1. I think about how short life can be cut so often that it's the foundational reason for all of my decisions.
2. I use a British accent when I talk to myself.
3. I work on an organic farm, as of March 2014. My younger self would be so proud.
4. I cry when I'm overwhelmed with any emotion, be it sadness, happiness, anger, et cetera.
5. Cliches make me cringe and I try my best to avoid them at all costs.
6. I find it easy to change my mind, which works out great for me because it makes me open-minded and relentlessly optimistic.
7. I play guitar and I know an itty bit of chords and strumming patterns on the ukelele--but I haven't seen my uke in ages and I don't know where it disappeared to!
8. I suffer from separation anxiety in regards to my camera. It's hard for me to enjoy a moment without him there to enjoy it with me.
9. I'm absolutely terrified of driving, no matter who's holding the steering wheel, for the following reasons: other drivers' carelessness, the fact that a human is in control of a 2-ton block of metal and flammable liquids, and the chance of accidentally injuring or killing another living thing.
10. I don't eat wheat, dairy, or eggs, and I try to eat as natural and organic as possible.
11. Being a photographer, I prefer cloudy days over sunny ones.

1. He's a master cloud-watcher (meaning he's very imaginative about what clouds look like).
2. His birthday is coming up on April 15th, which is a full moon and a lunar eclipse this year!
3. He sprouts wings every once in a while.
4. He came from an AC Moore craft store.
5. He loves to draw, and everything he draws is always animated when his magic enchants it (one of the very few times we can accurately predict how his magic will affect something).
6. He is a TY beanie baby, and his ear tag originally assigned him a female gender and the name "Pecan"--which his tush tag still insists.
7. There's no reason behind his name. I figured I'd name him something meaningless so he could fill it with meaning.
8. His favorite vegetable is acorn squash.
9. A lot of words make him giggle (fickle, shenanigans...).
10. He's afraid of things like anyone else, but he doesn't let his fears hold him back. I feed off of his bravery when I need extra.
11. He likes to write poetry.
12. He thinks very deeply and will suddenly blurt out very wise things.

11 Questions from The Cwafty Blog

1. Whats your favorite color combination?

Every sunset I've ever witnessed.

2. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet what would it be?
Gosh, man, I love my ratties. I mean, can I say a rat with a longer lifespan? That's the only sad thing about having rats as pets and getting so attached to something that lives 2 or 3 years, on average.

3. Coffee or tea? How do you take it?
I'm pretty sure I'll go my whole life without tasting coffee. I love the smell, but I'm gluten intolerant and supposedly coffee gets cross-contaminated often, so I don't think I'll ever try it. As for tea, I mostly drink green Rooibos tea in the summer when I have peaches to make honey peach lemon Rooibos tea! Mmmm!

4. Can you do a really good fake accent?
I freak my mom out with my British accent, and I think I do it pretty well, but no one British has ever been able to vouch for me and say it sounds good.

5. What's the first thing you ever remember making?
I am so bad at childhood memories. They seem to have been balled up in a great big mess and stuffed into a corner, so they're not so chronological anymore. My mom always tells me, though, that she let me pick up paintbrushes when I could barely talk, which is when I developed the weird way I hold my pencil (in my right hand in a fist, between my middle and ring finger, behind the second knuckle).

6. What made you want to start blogging?
I felt like an alien on Earth, but I knew there were other aliens out there, and I wanted to communicate with them somehow. A lot of those aliens seemed to have blogs, so I thought starting my own would be a great first step to meeting the other aliens--and it's been working great so far! Plus, personally, I wanted to be able to document my life with Silkworm, because it's pretty cool.

7. Favorite artistic/crafty medium to work with?
I love scrap-booking and journaling, but I haven't been doing much of that, lately. I don't know, I'm not sure I have a favorite medium. I tend to get infatuated with certain crafts and mediums for a while and then I lose interest and move onto the next thing.

8. A movie you know word for word? (If you're not as obsessive as I am, just your favorite will work!)
I am so bad at picking a favorite movie! I don't like to "waste my time" watching movies I don't absolutely love, so really every movie I see holds a special place in my heart. How about I list a few? How to Train Your Dragon, Shutter Island, Wreck It Ralph,

9. What do you like to do when you're not dazzling the internet with your creative genius?
We like to go sailing in our walnut boat, especially when there's a puddle waiting for us (otherwise we have to make one). I also love having conceptual photo shoots, which I post photos from on my Flickr along with other daily life photos. If I had my driver's license and could get myself to a nearby park, I'd also say I love taking hikes there, but that's a spare-time-filler for the future.

10. Whats the last show you marathoned?
Supernatural. From the end of September to the beginning of October, watching a new episode (or three) was all Silkworm and I did when we had free time and nothing else on our to-do list. When we finished, the flame of passion was quickly snuffed out for some reason, but the marathon itself was incredible. We always remember it whenever we have Way Better sweet potato chips, because that was usually our viewing snack.

Nominated Blogs

1. Uncustomary Art
2. Busy Weekends
3. The Halfway Point
4. Magical Daydream

11 Questions for the Nominees

1. Sandcastles or mud pies?
2. What's your six-word story?
3. What's the best joke you've ever heard?
4. Do you believe in ghosts?
5. What are you made of?
6. What's your motto?
7. What was the last thing you cried about?
8. What would you do if you could do anything right now, regardless of money, obligations, etc.?
9. What are you afraid of?
10. What can you always count on to make you smile?
11. What's your favorite kind of sky (i.e. starry, sunset, etc.)?

If any nominees happen to want an artsy watercolor badge instead of the other badges floating around, Silkworm and I took the liberty of making our own that you can use without crediting us or notifying us or anything. Just right click and save the one you want to your computer to "download" it! Feel free to resize them, edit them--anything you want! You can even make your own, if you'd rather.

An extra thank you and shout out to RaChil of The Cwafty Blog for the nomination! It was such a surprise and Silkworm and I are so happy to be able to nominate our own favorite blogs and bloggers whom we think deserve to be recognized.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cultivate Your Weirdness

I will never understand what humans have against weirdness. They think it's embarrassing, they try to cover it up, they want to cure it--but who said it was a disease?

You ought to embrace your personal brand of weirdness, and flaunt it. Being different and standing out are things you should be proud you have the power to do. Naturally, people are going to shoot you funny looks and maybe even laugh, but it's nothing against you. They're not used to such unabashed behavior, and honestly, they're probably jealous because they'd love to have the courage to wear pom pom tights and sing to the birds in public.

Take off your medical mask and sneeze out your weirdness. It deserves to be witnessed, and you have every right to love it and use it out loud.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 20

He's ticklish!

We'd been pouring water into the tray holding the planting pots because it's designed to let the soil soak up water as it needs it, but for some reason, we decided we were going to wet Plucky's pot with a spray bottle last night--and lo and behold, he was tickled!

It was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed, and I think Silkworm would say the same. It took three or four sprays before we noticed a reaction, but suddenly, in the midst of the mist, all of Plucky's ferny leaves folded into each other, and even his stem bent over! We waited for him to perk back up, but since it was so late at night, we ended up falling asleep before he unfolded himself. When we went to check on him this morning, he was still all folded up, so we asked Google if sensitive plants fold up at night, too, and thank goodness they do because we were a bit worried--we were afraid we'd killed him! We wanted to film the ticklish reaction, but we waited until this afternoon to poke at him again so we weren't bothering him too much. We're enchanted. I'm so proud of our little plant.

We've also discovered, when researching a bit more about sensitive plants on the Internet, that some sensitive plant seeds can take up to 90 days to germinate! Thus, we've changed our plans accordingly and we're going to keep taking care of the seeds still hiding under the soil along with Plucky. Maybe we'll have some luck later on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 19

Tiny ferny leaves spotted! Tiny ferny leaves spotted!

Commence inevitable gardener's success dancing.

Assuming these new leaves are the ones that will one day curl up at the touch of a finger, Silkworm and I tried to poke at them to see if they'd do so already, but it appears 19 days old is not old enough. Nonetheless, we couldn't be prouder of this one plant that triumphed over all the others! I think it's safe to say, since the germination period is 15 days at most, that the rest of the seeds are dead and have no chance of being seen in green above the soil, so we're going to stop taking care of them and give our undivided attention solely to this one, now. In honor of the courage it's been displaying in an otherwise desolate planting flat, we've decided to name it "Plucky".

The Happy Camper's To-Do List

Silkworm and I are looking forward to our first camping trip of the year this April, which will be during Easter weekend, so we wrote out a to-do list just in case we forget all the fun there is to be had and need something to jog our memories.

1. Have a scavenger hunt.
2. Play tic-tac-toe in the dirt.
3. Play card games.
4. Make a fire and light sticks on fire only to blow them out and use the smoke to write in the air.
5. Build a fairy house.
6. Make a nest of blankets in the tent and read a book.
7. Sit outside and knit or crochet.
8. Walk to the beach to eat breakfast there.
9. Make a fancy schmancy sandcastle at the beach.
10. Wake up before the sunrise to go out and search for deer.
11. Have camp nicknames to call each other whilst at the campground.
12. Play Frisbee.
13. Go on Missions of Magic.
14. Make popcorn over the campfire.
15. Make a "free leaf crowns" stand.
16. Visit the osprey nest to see if any ospreys are using it.
17. Play guitar.
18. Make leaf art.
19. Make stone mosaics at the beach.
20. Make friendship bracelets.
21. Play with glow sticks.
22. Go on the swings at the playground.
23. Find a jellyfish at the beach.
24. Go on a bike ride.
25. Roast fruit over the campfire.
26. Leave Easter eggs around the campground on Easter Sunday.
27. Blow bubbles.
28. Make a nature necklace.
29. Bury a time capsule.
30. Collect feathers.
31. Photograph every sunset.
32. Visit Mars (we'll explain later).
33. Sketch tiny things we find.
34. Do an experiment.
35. Have a bunch of photo shoots.
36. Learn how to tie knots.
37. Make a stick shelter in the woods.
38. Identify plants.
39. Roast something on a kabob.
40. Collect more pebbles for our Happy Wagon.
41. Make a hiking stick.
42. Play Mad Libs.
43. Make a dream catcher.
44. Play Premonition Bingo on a hike.
45. Stargaze.
46. Paint with watercolors.
47. Go sailing in our walnut boat.
48. Draw with chalk.
49. Feed the birds.
50. Tell epic tales around the campfire.

It's gonna be amazing.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Knit Square Bunny

Easter is only a few weeks away, now, so Silkworm and I decided it was about time to start getting crafty. We found this tutorial for a granny square bunny on Pinterest a while back, but we only got to trying it out today. Luckily, Madre was 20 or so rows into a knitting project with one of her latest handspun yarns, coincidentally made of angora rabbit fiber, and she let us take it over to make our bunny.

Try it out for yourself! If you don't know how to knit, fear not; you'll find a link to a few instructional videos in the tutorial written below--but if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments!

Yarn (1 color for body, 1 color for tail)
Knitting needle
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread

Step One: Knit a simple square. If you don't know how to wield such sorcery, simply pop on over to Youtube where Silkworm and I put together a playlist of three videos: how to cast on, how to make a knit stitch, and how to cast off--which is all you need to know!

Step Two: Once you've got a square, thread your needle and sew a triangle at the top half of your square. The bottom will be a line across the center of the square and the point will be at the top of the square. Don't fasten off your thread yet!

Step Three: Pull the thread tight and push down a wad of stuffing into the middle of the triangle. The stuffed triangle will make the head, the ears will be the two now-crinkled edges, and the body will be the other half of the square that's been untouched. Now you can fasten off your thread.

Step Four: Sew the bunny's body shut at the top where the two edges of the square meet, then stuff the body, and finally sew the butt closed.

Step Five: Make a pom pom. Take the color of yarn you'd like to use for your bunny's tail and wrap it around your two fingers about 30-50 times, depending on how plump you want the tail to be. Gently take the yarn off your fingers without messing up the shape, then cut another piece of yarn to tie around the 30-50 loops you just made. Tie it a little tight, but not too tight, and don't cut off the loose tails. Cut all of the loops to make your pom pom, and use the loose tails to tie it onto your bunny's butt. Cut off any extra thread left once the pom pom tail is secure.

Hippity hop hop, Easter's on it's way! Remember to let us see your bunnies!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pom Pom Tutu

Unsurprisingly, we have Pinterest to thank yet again for being charmed by another adorable DIY project. We'd spotted a tulle skirt filled with pom poms, and we dreamed of how perfect it would match my pom pom tights. Though the link took us dutch tutorial on Moodkids, we were able to get a clue from the pictures provided and improvise the rest.

I did discover how obnoxious tulle is to work with (it's rather static-y and gets caught on a lot of things), but otherwise, for a person who doesn't know how to make clothes, I'm proud of how smoothly it went! I think anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine could make themselves their own pom pom tutu. Go ahead, give it a shot!

Pom poms
+/-3 yards of tulle fabric
Safety pin (optional)

Important Tip:
If your sewing machine allows it--and most do--use a zig-zag stitch to sew tulle. Silkworm and I first attempted to use a regular dotted line stitch, and it resulted in a clean cut rip in my skirt!

Step One: Cut a length of tulle about three times the size of the diameter of your waist. Three yards worked for me, and I wear size 7/9 pants. Fold it lengthwise once (or twice, for strength).

Step Two: Pin the length of tulle along the open side.

Step Three: Sew the open side shut and remove the pins, then sew another parallel line next to the first line, leaving about an inch in between both lines, or enough space to fit your elastic.

Step Four: Cut a length of elastic the size of the diameter of your waist. Thread it through the tunnel made by the two lines you just sewed in Step Three. The easiest way to thread it through is to poke a safety pin through one end of the elastic, insert it into the tunnel, then pinch the elastic about an inch away from the end, push the safety pin through the tunnel as far as you can until it gets stuck, then pinch the safety pin, let go of the elastic, and flatten out the fabric that will have bunched up. Pin the elastic at both ends of the tunnel to keep it from getting dragged in.

Step Five: Fill your skirt with an abundance of pom poms through one of the two openings on either side.

Step Six: Take both ends of your skirt and, beginning at the elastic, sew a line down to close the skirt.

Now do the hokey pokey and shake it all around and watch those pom poms bounce around! And please oh please, send us pictures of yours!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wire Crown

I'm not sure if I've stressed it enough to say "I'm sure you know of my obsession with crowns", but that would be the truth. I'm always getting slapped with happiness at the sight of any crown, no matter who's wearing it, what it's made of--it even works with Burger King crowns, I'm not joking. They just make me think of epic fairy tales and riding dragons. Thus, I make crowns for Silkworm and myself on a regular basis using all sorts of materials for the very purpose of feeding my perfectly healthy obsession. One of our virtually effortless favorites is a simple crown made of wire. So long as you've got a good several feet of wire, you're set to make one for yourself!

Malleable wire
Wire cutters (or scissors)

Step One: Make your crown base by cutting a piece of wire big enough to fit around your head and twisting the ends together to close the circle. Alternatively, you can cut a few pieces of wire and twist them all together to make a thicker base.

Step Two: Cut more wires to wrap onto your crown base and make shapes out of (triangles, arches, etc.).

Place your crown where it rightfully belongs, whether that be on the head of yourself or somebody else special and deserving. Look how suddenly the whimsical royalty scale skyrocketed off the charts!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raising Sensitive Plants: Take 2, Day 12

"Eeee, a sprout!"

Mom could hear me squealing all the way downstairs. The celebration was impossible to stifle, as the sight of a single green dot in my and Silkworm's sensitive plant pots was dearly deserving. We'd gone to turn off the grow lights when the little lone sprout surprised us. 'Twas all alone, but we've been waiting for any sign of life for twelve days now, so we were happy with the germination of even only one brave seed.

We're guessing the others will follow the leader and pop up soon, but until then, we're going to shift extra focus and care onto the one we know is alive, just in case the others aren't ever going to show their stems. There still aren't any other sprouts as of this morning, but tomorrow morning is another chance!
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