Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pom Pom Tights

Upon scooping up my soupy remains after this photo on Tumblr reduced me into an overwhelmed puddle of whimsy and inspiration, I was quick to order a bag of pom poms online and embark on a search for opaque solid color tights (which are only hard to find in my case because I need an extra extra large size to fit me without squeezing so much I can't breathe). Six days later, I'm wearing my very own rendition of the most adorable tights I've ever seen in my entire life, and I could not be any more smiley!

I don't want to take them off! I think it's safe to say they're officially the cutest piece of clothing I own. I mean, my embroidered spider sweater is pretty adorable, but these tights just took the cake and slathered the frosting and sprinkles all over!

They were incredibly easy to make, too. I think, all together, it only took me a half hour to sew on all the pom poms. To make your own, find yourself some tights of a suitable color and put them on. You'll want to sew the pom poms on while you're wearing the tights so the fabric won't bunch up and you'll know exactly where you're putting the pom poms on your legs. Thread a needle with about 2-3 feet of thread and don't tie a knot at the end. You'll be using the same thread for several pom poms. Pinch a spot on the tights where you want a pom pom to be, sew through a centimeter or less of fabric, and pull the needle through until you have a few inches of thread left, long enough for you to use to tie a knot. Thread a pom pom onto your needle and push it down to the tights, and finally tie a moderately tight knot with the thread. Snip off as much excess thread as you can without cutting the knot.

I sewed pom poms up to my knees on the front of my legs because I wanted the tights to be comfortable to sit in, but you could always go wild and cover the back, thighs, feet, et cetera. As for tips, be gentle with the pom poms when you're wearing or handling the tights, because they could easily tear runs in the fabric, and I probably wouldn't wash these just to avoid damage from the washing machine.

The next time I go out to do errands of any sort, this is what I'll be wearing--and wow, am I excited!


  1. Isn't in incredible how one photo can evoke so much emotion in a person? I absolutely understand how that photo did that for you. And I'm absolutely in love with how you follow through on the things you love. I will *absolutely* be making myself a pair of these.

    1. *Tell* me about it. I love the feeling of sudden inspiration. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see how yours come out! I'm counting on seeing a picture, at least on Instagram or something!


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