Friday, March 7, 2014

Paper Plane Garland

Silkworm and I are garland fanatics--always have been, always will be--so we'll pretty much fasten a collection of anything to a string and hang it up somewhere. This paper plane garland is extra cool, though, because it's interactive! The planes are only held onto the string with paper clips, so they're easily removed, and you can take them off and play with them whenever your heart desires to! Have I hypnotized the little kid inside you yet?

Maps (or paper, a computer, and a printer)
Paper clips

Step One: Fold a bunch of paper airplanes out of the maps you gathered. You could rip up an old atlas, use maps they have at information buildings, or even print out Google maps--perhaps of meaningful areas such as towns you've always dreamed of visiting or places you've been to. Get fancy; make a dozen different kinds of airplanes.

Step Three: Cut a length of string long enough to fit however many planes you made.

Step Four: Slip your paper clips onto your string, and then use them to fasten your paper planes onto the string.

Step Five: Hang up the garland taut to keep your paper planes from sliding down the string and gathering in a cluster.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Hang 'em up where they'll wait patiently to be taken down and thrown around. Perhaps they can even serve as your air force protecting you against bedroom intruders!

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