Saturday, March 22, 2014

13 Important Things to Know How to Fold

As of late, Silkworm and I are wading in the ocean of origami and coming to realize how useful our new-found skills are. We can make origami animals with letters written on their insides, we can leave anonymous love notes wherever we go whenever we want, and as long as there's a sheet of paper within our grasp, we can even entertain ourselves with paper toys! Perhaps you'd like to fill your brain with the same knowledge!

1. Pull Open Notes
For writing letters sans envelopes.

2. Origami Hearts
For writing love letters.

3. Origami Dragons
Because dragons are awesome.

4. Dollar Bill Rings
For keeping spare money on hand (embrace the pun) or leaving a fancy tip.

5. Boomerangs
Cross my heart, if you fold it precisely, it actually works!

6. Origami Cameras
For when you forget yours at home.

7. Jumping Frogs
We wrote about playing with plastic jumping frogs when we found a set at Walmart, but luckily for our wallets and yours, we found out you can fold very simple 1-minute jumping frogs out of index cards, too!

8. Origami Balloons
Because you can blow up a paper balloon and how cool is that?

9. Origami Boat
For filling with written worries on slips of paper and sending away in lakes.

10. Puffy Stars
Because they're adorable. We made a garland out of them, once. You can use these to write your worries on and fold them up to sail in origami boats like we suggested in #9!

11. Flapping Bird
Because it makes people smile!

12. Classic Dart Paper Planes
Which are, by far, the straightest-flying paper planes I've ever made.

13. Crowns

Since not everyone knows how to fold dragons and fancy toys and such, it's kind of like having a hidden talent when you've got the knowledge up your sleeve. I do believe if you folded a paper dragon, you'd impress anyone watching and expecting a paper swan. If you decide to try any of these tutorials out and can't get them right, please let Silkworm and I know! We made each and every one following the step-by-step tutorials in the links, so we can make you a video or help you along to the best of our abilities. Remember to show us pictures, too!

(Note: Unfortunately for him, Silkworm has only been watching me make our folded projects, since we know better than to let him participate. But he gets to play with every finished product, and I think that's his favorite part anyway.)


  1. Pretty ideas. But why doesn't the teddy have a crown of his own? :-)

    1. Thank you! I should have made one for him, too!

  2. Oragami was one of the first crafting skills I learned, wayyy back in elementary school. It made school much more fun when I could do more then doodle if I was bored, I could make a paper menagerie! :) It's nice to see someone else enjoy it in similar ways

  3. I've made your Pull Open Note in a video tutorial. I hope you like it!

  4. I never knew how to make one of the pull open envelopes. Like playing Cats Cradle, It's a childhood skill I never attempted. Thank you! It's been years since I've thought of them but now I am going to do watercolors on some papers with happy notes and leave them in random places for people to find. I may even sprinkle some glitter dust on them. Thank You!

    1. Oh, that sounds absolutely lovely! (I may have to do the same, hahaha!) I'm so happy we could remind and inspire you!


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