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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Crowns

A lot of crowns Silkworm and I make are generally simple piece-a'-cake projects with room for creativity, but I have to say this is the prettiest, most straightforward, most artistically-roomy crown we've ever made. It takes no more than a few minutes, so if you're late for a royal meeting and you've misplaced your crown, you can whip up one of these! On the other hand, if you've got time to spare, you can make yours as intricate as you want. Silkworm and I wrote a little step-by-step tutorial for the quick and easy one we usually make, but we'll also leave links at the bottom for inspiration.

Pipe cleaners

Step One: Make a circle of pipe cleaners to fit around your head to act as the base of the crown.

Step Two: Twist the tips of other pipe cleaners onto your crown base and make shapes out of them.

It's literally as easy as that! You can also glue pom poms on, if you think they'd add a nice touch. Whatever you do, if you did have a royal meeting to get to, don't get too caught up swooning over your crown! Off you go!

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