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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mission of Magic: Message Stone Dares

Traditionally, message stones are dropped to inspire strangers with hopeful words. As always, Silkworm and I couldn't help but take our stones one step further.

Our stones are daring strangers! Though we did stick to the simplest of G-rated family friendly dares in hopes every finder would have no excuse not to accept the challenge, I suppose you could dare somebody to hoot like an owl in the middle of Target or pay for another person's coffee. Because of the length of our messages, painting them on such small stones would be virtually impossible, so we typed our messages up and used glue and Mod Podge to stick them to the stones, but nevertheless, they came out pretty awesome, and we're stoked to be able to put them to use.

Smallish stones
Mod Podge (clear-drying)
Paint (optional)

Step One: Wash your stones thoroughly, getting all the dirt out of the nooks and crannies. If you'd like to paint your stones to make them more colorful, do it after they dry.

Step Two: Brainstorm sweet and nice things to dare people to do. (Keep scrolling for our list of dares below!)

Step Three: Type up those things you came up with in size 8-10 of the most readable font you have (we suggest Arial or Georgia). Make condensed paragraphs so they'll fit on your stones, like this:

I dare you to
hug someone.

Step Four: Print out your dares and cut them out so they will fit on your stones.

Step Five: Glue each dare to a stone. Let them dry.

Step Six: To ensure that your dares will stay nicely glued down, coat each stone in clear-drying Mod Podge. Let them dry for a day or two for best results.

Now comes the best part! Scatter your stones wherever you go--in grocery stores, parks, movie theaters--anywhere! You can drop them in plain sight or hide them a little bit so people won't find them too easily. Have fun!

Our Dares:
- I dare you to hug somebody today.
- I dare you to make a silly face for a little kid today.
- I dare you to learn something you've always wanted to.
- I dare you to do something spontaneous.
- I dare you to go on an adventure.
- I dare you to pass this on!


  1. how nice, I love random stranger interaction well actually impacting on someone through lack of physical interaction I guess :P How cool would it be to find one! Super nice project A+++

    1. I know, me too! I love the magicalness of being able to ever so slightly affect someone's life without ever really knowing them. Thank you so much!


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