Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Emergency Joke Book

If you've ever felt a little awkward and needed to hear a laugh from someone, you'll understand the importance of having a handy collection of jokes up your sleeve. I've choked on stuffy humorless air, worried for quivering chins, and been crippled by social awkwardness--and the sweetest cure is almost always being the reason the other person giggles. It's as if you just want to make sure they can still laugh, or maybe you want to clear the stale atmosphere a bit. I know it all happens to other people, too, so when Silkworm and I came up with our new approach, we figured it was necessary to share.

We used the cardboard book we made yesterday to make a book of jokes. The jokes we used were mostly screenshots collected from the clever people of Tumblr, but if you'd prefer to avoid crude or offensive jokes, perhaps a friendly joke book from the library or a specifically safe Google search would serve you better. We printed them, cut them out, and glued them into a handmade booklet made by sewing sheets of paper into a thin cardboard cover. It's still growing, but it's already hilarious! (Thank you people of Tumblr for being the priceless people you are!)

Keep your book of jokes with you at all times and remember to open it up in times of emergency. Blurt out the joke on the page without hesitation. If it fails to crack a smile or if the smile doesn't last, keep going. Tell the whole book of jokes if you have to. Laugh hysterically at the punchline of every one. If not the joke, then your psychotic laughing will surely make your target at least stifle a chuckle. It's also perfect to use on yourself when you're feeling down, or just because you feel like laughing.

(Important! If you're trying to cheer someone up, don't tell them not to feel sad! Sad is a valid feeling and people have every right to feel it. Your joke book is simply for letting people laugh even while they're sad, because sometimes it's nice to get a laugh in there. If the sadness is still there afterwards, it's probably serious, and it's not up to you when to chase it away.)

Let us know if you make your own joke book or something of the sort, and feel free to share photos by sending them to us!


  1. Holy shit. I'm so in love with you. Every time you open your mouth I fall more in love.

    1. Stop it, Mary, you're gonna make me cry! The feeling's mutual!

  2. he he he, this is so awesome!!! I want to make myself a joke book I have definitely been in places and times that have needed one!

    1. Thanks, I hope you do! And send us pictures if you want!


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