Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dare Jenga

I'm not sure who invented it first--whether it was the company or the customers--but there's a Truth or Dare version of Jenga out there, for sale in stores and improvised by people who use original game blocks to make their own (usually minus the truth, because dares are more fun). Being that it's a way of spicing up the traditional way of doing something, Silkworm and I are charmed by the concept. Since the store-bought one is expensive, if you want to play and you've got an original game to spare, I think the people who improvised have the right idea--you might as well make your own!

We've only ever seen people write out specific dares on the Jenga blocks, but if you want to play with different dares for every game or dares that are too long to fit on the blocks, it might be better to write a number on each Jenga block (on one of the longest and widest sides where it won't be seen while it's stacked in the tower) in permanent marker, and then take a sheet of paper to make a list of dares coordinating with each number.

Once you've numbered your blocks and wrote a dare list, stack the blocks in a tower and take turns between yourself and one or more other people pulling blocks from the tower, just like you would do if you were playing ordinary Jenga. Then, there are two ways Silkworm and I incorporate the dares: 1. Everybody has to accept the dares on each block they pull from the tower; 2. Only the person who finally knocks the tower down must accept the dare on the block that caused the downfall. I'm sure there are dozens of other ways to play that you could come up with, but however you play, I hope you'll let Silkworm and I hear about it!

Dare Suggestions:
- Each player, including you, shall write down a food ingredient without knowing what the other players wrote, and you have to mix them together somehow and eat the recipe.
- Tell someone who never hears it how much you love them.
- Give somebody an awkward hug for 10 seconds.
- Communicate only with barks and/or meows.
- Make a weird face and let someone snap a picture!
- Sing a song about the first thing that comes to mind.
- Close your eyes for the rest of the game. (No peeking to take blocks from the tower!)
- Breathe a sigh of relief; you got a freebie! (You don't have to do a dare!)
- Tongue kiss a pet!
- Do a trust fall with another player.

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