Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Ode to Sunrises

People say sunsets paint magical skies,
But magic is more than a flashy reprise;
The rise of the sun makes a more charming show,
For it fills up the air a hushed sleepy glow.

You see, sunrises paint with a warm hopeful hand,
Inviting all Earthlings to make the day grand
With whispers of hope and encouraging things
And secrets about how to sprout hardy wings.

Not many will see them at such early hours--
They're almost too stealthy with their superpowers--
But those who wake up and look up to the east
Are welcome to treat their weary souls to a feast.


  1. I absolutely love your odes. I have a major soft spot for anything that rhymes and, of course, anything related to nature, so reading these little poems is simply delightful!

    1. Thanky spankies! Ah, I know, right? Rhymes sound to my ears like velvet feels to my skin. :)


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