Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Birds

We woke up to 11 inches of snow, this morning, and I'm pretty sure since then it's piled up to at least a foot. Now it's calmed down and the sun's come out. The chickens and ducks are still snuggling in their coups for the most part, opposed to such bothersome weather, and even our old doggies are impartial to the idea of playing fetch in single digit temperatures. Our kitty Rainey has been the most adventurous, plunging into the depths of the snow bluffs in the outdoor cat enclosure chasing after the unwary sparrows that land nearby or inside. Meanwhile, my only complaint is that the snow is much too powdery to be making any snowmen or forts today! Hopefully the sun will warm it up enough by tomorrow, but until then, Silkworm and I have been enjoying sitting in the snow within several feet of the bird feeder watching the woodpecker feast on the suet and the little dark-eyed juncos forage for seeds sprinkled on the ground by the persnickety bluejays.

To anyone else snowed in today, we send warm wishes!


  1. (We have those suet things, too! The birds just love that stuff.)

    I greatly admire your dedication to photography in standing out in these freezing temperatures in order to get those stunning bird pictures. (I do hope you wore gloves, though; the cold really bites one's fingers so quickly!) Nevertheless, I think (and hope you are of my opinion as well) that these amazingly gorgeous pictures were well worth braving the cold.

    1. Oh, I did wear gloves, but they had to be thin to work the camera, and I think I was *this* close to getting frostbite. But yes, I very much think it was worth it! Thank you so much!


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