Monday, January 13, 2014

Premonition Bingo

If you've ever heard of Store Bingo, you've heard of a specific kind of Premonition Bingo, but you don't have to limit yourself to stores. Silkworm and I have even played without leaving the house. Basically, Premonition Bingo is a game of predictions and watching them come true, but naturally, I'll go into detail.

Premonition Bingo can be played with two or more people, or it can be played alone. You start by deciding on what context you'll be playing in, such as in a store, at a park, on a car ride, or even throughout the course of a normal day in your own home. Next, think of things that usually or could possibly be seen, experienced, or witnessed while you're in your chosen context. For example, if you're going to play while you're at the supermarket, you could think of situations like hearing the name "Jessica" on the loudspeaker and sights like someone with a baby sleeping in their cart. It's akin to a scavenger hunt, except it's more of waiting for things to happen rather than finding things. All players may think of completely different predictions or may share the same.

Once you've brainstormed, draw a bingo board on a piece of paper or a napkin (a 5-by-5 table of 25 squares in total). If you'd like to, you can mark the box in the center as a free space as a helpful freebie. Then, fill in every square with a prediction you've made.

To play, arrive in your chosen context and wait for your predictions to come true. As they do, cross them off. Once you've crossed off a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of five, shout out "Bingo!" as loudly and proudly as you can, no matter where you are or who's listening. You've won Premonition Bingo, for Pete's sake; they should be applauding!

After your success, you could also continue to see if you can cross off the whole board. If you ever do cross off the whole board, you might want to look into the slight chance of you being a seer.

Let us know if and how you play! Have fun!

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