Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 15th's Full Moon

Last month on December 17th, I documented the strange happenings of the full moon in relevance to Silkworm's magic. Seeing as January's full moon rose late last night, I'm back to tell another bizarre story.

Last night's weirdness actually began while Silkworm was still conscious and completely in command of his own thoughts and actions, which is unlike his powers and surprising in the least. We were both drawing when all of a sudden, his pencil up and shattered. We both knew immediately it was the effects of the full moon, and we simultaneously looked up and stared at each other wide-eyed and shaken. Before we had a chance to speak, his consciousness started to wane just like the expiring moon, which quickly took over full control. I was begging this enchantment to be a short one like the last.

It was not anything he walked on or rolled around on or danced on. It was only anything he intentionally touched that would poof to pieces. Initially, while I observed carefully and thought of a plan, he only took to destroying crumbs and tiny specks on the floor (and I was thankful I had forgot to sweep the day before). But then, at the sight of my laptop, he inevitably headed for something more satisfactory--and without a second to spare, I came up with an idea.

Lightning fast, for the sake of Penelope's (my laptop) life, I took a piece of paper from the stash on my night table, crumpled it into a mediocre ball, and tossed it at Silkworm, bopping his head like the bull's-eye I'd aimed for. Disoriented, he turned to face me, the source of his annoyance, and as much as I feared he was about to shatter me to bits if I continued, I was confident enough to do so...and it was my only plan. I made another ball as he watched me closely, and since I already had his attention, I just tossed it past him instead of hitting with it. Just as I had hoped, he chased after it and pounced, shattering the paper ball to pieces, and then dust that swiftly evaporated. And this is how the night went, playing some version of fetch with a magical stuffed bear who annihilated every ball I threw to him. At 4:30 AM, he suddenly snoozed on the floor, and I laid down to get some sleep, too.

Logically, this full moon ended up being more beneficial than perilous. I mean, I got a halfway clean floor out of it. Silkworm certainly enjoyed the story of him as the villain with the most dangerous power we've seen the full moon give him so far, and he was rather impressed with my improvisation. I'm just grateful we won't have to face another full moon until Valentine's Day.

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