Saturday, January 4, 2014

Birthday Boys

"What's today?" I ask myself out loud.
I look to the calendar.
"Oh, the fourth."

Pause. Neurons are firing messages from the dusty corners of my brain to the front and center where they would have belonged much more conveniently last night. January fourth. The date is tragically familiar. Instantly, guilt pours into my bloodstream and knocks me to the metaphorical ground with shame and remorse and the sudden urge to crawl into a hole and freeze to death.

"It's Hadley and Quibble's birthday, Iforgottheirbirthday!"

Weeks of planning soiled, all because I forgot to keep up with the day of the week! But it's okay, because after hosting a mediocre scavenger hunt for pecans and then crying about being such a bad rattie mommy for a good fifteen minutes, I brought home the be-all end-all present of rattie presents.

'Tis a cat tree! 'Tis also the most expensive thing I have spent my own money on in a while, but it felt so good to spoil my fur-children. Even on their first introduction to their massive jungle gym, they were quick to start climbing, and as expected, they were acrobatic enough to climb most of it on their own. However, I shall be adding tunnels and ropes and ladders for ease as soon as possible, and probably a landing pad just in case they get too crazy and decide to jump from great heights. Many treat scavenger hunts will be held on the Tree in the future, and I think I'll have to decorate it for holidays with garlands and things. I'm sure the boys will like destroying it!

I was happy to see they even appreciated the dangly feather toys, swatting and nibbling at them when tickled. Some of the toys are missing, probably because we got the floor model (and got a really nice deal!), but I've got no problem attaching my own homemade toys where they are lacking.

Happy first birthday, Quibble and Hadley! You are the most spoiled rats in the land!


  1. (That last picture is just too adorable.)

    Happy birthday, Hadley and Quibble! I hope they had a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you! The ratties thank you for the birthday wishes, as well!


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