Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Update on the Doro Worms

I realized we haven't said anything about the doro worms since making them a house back in late November, so I figured we should.

They're doing very well, though we never see them much, but every now and then we hear the chimes on the bottom of their house jingle for whatever reason, and we know they must be hard at work or having fun rough-housing or something. The King also pokes his head out once a week, usually on Wednesdays, to give us a spool of gold thread, which I suppose will forever be symbolic of his and his colony's eternal thanks. That stuff has been piling up in the closet, though, as we haven't decided how to put it to use yet. We made a few macrame bracelets with it woven into hemp string, but I don't think we need as many bracelets as we could make. Maybe we would sell them or give them away as gifts in snail mail.

The only strange thing is, the more we've been learning about Silkworm's magic, the more apparently odd the doro worms' existence in the human realm gets. As far as Silkworm and I know, magic exists, but in its own realm, and when in the human realm, magic has to hide from anyone who doesn't believe in it. So when it comes to our encounters with magical creatures, they always explain to us how they've been misplaced in the human realm by way of accident or malevolence, and they need our help to get back where they belong. Obviously, the doro worms are magical creatures, and yet they either belong here (maybe brought into existence by some other magical stuffed bear or something), or don't seem to know they don't.

Whatever the answer is, Silkworm and I are indifferent. We like having them around and hearing the chimes and getting spools of gold thread. If ever a time comes when they have to go, we'd be very sad to see them leave. They're like the company of the night light, and we do feel honored to provide shelter and warmth for them.

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