Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Couple of Snowmen

For a while, we sculpted a snowman in the front yard in peace. Since magic has the instinctive impulse to hide from non-believers, people hanging out in their front yards or lots of cars on the road would have been a nuisance, but luckily, given the early hour of the day, there was no one around for Silkworm to hide from but a few cars zipping by every now and then. Once, a car even passed by without giving Silkworm a warning buzz in his tummy, and we smiled knowing the driver and/or passengers must believe in magic. They might have even spotted Silkworm.

We finished Snowman #1 just as the traffic was beginning to pick up and Silkworm took to playing dead. I suppose we may never know how Silkworm's magic enchanted our snowman, since we positioned it in such a visible place that it may have to hide from people until it melts. We sort of planned for that, because maybe it's a good thing we don't find out we've created a man-eating snowman. You never know with Silkworm's magic.

Though I'd lost my sidekick to his instinctive possum act, I remembered we had originally intended to make a hand-standing snowman in the first place, so I perched Silkworm on top of Snowman #1 and got to work on a second snowman. I couldn't find anymore rocks for eyes, nor did I have another carrot to use for a nose, so he's faceless, but all I really needed were arms, and of those, we have plenty.

I think today may have been our last chance to make snowmen, so I'm glad we got to it! By tomorrow, I'll bet the snow will be iced over from the rain in tonight's forecast. Maybe we'll have to make an ice skating rink next!


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